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    Lot of organizations are moving towards DevOps Automation testing, Continuous Integration and Delivery. Software testing has evolved over the years. What is the next big thing to happen in the software testing space? Share your thoughts!


    “It’s hard to predict – especially about the future”

      SHIFT-LEFT as you mention above, is one trend.
      SHIFT-RIGHT towards Testing in Production and Testing in the Wild is another, cue Chaos Monkeys.
      SHIFT-COACH towards testers being coaches and consultants another

    I discussed this briefly at my talk in Nordic Testing Days 2016, and was confirmed by Declan at the Danish test conference DSTB 2016.


    Thank you very much Jesper! You brought up very pertinent concepts Shift Left and Shift Right. Glad that you brought them up.

    I was not aware of the term Shift-Coach though. Good to know that now!


    Few things I came across

    – Hybrid clouds
    – Model based testing
    – Crowd sourcing
    – DevOps and Agile integration
    – Mobile Testing


    Thank you Archana!


    I wrote about shift-left here: https://jlottosen.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/shift-left/

    more posts on RIGHT and COACH later


    I’ve been looking at using analytics data for risk assessment, I am not the only one as I attended a conference where a speaker discussed it extensively.

    Bigger focus on prevention (shift left) has been happening for a good while but most companies don’t practice it so for many it will be a new thing

    Monitoring your customer behaviour to design/re-design your product. This might not be necessarily associated with testing in general, but I found that testers can easily reuse some of their analytical and questioning skills quite well in this area. I dont know if anybody does this to be honest. I have experimented with it, no yet heavily. I believe it has a lot of promises. It overlaps also with my first point (the use of analytics data)


    Jesper – on point towards testers being coaches and consultants another – that’s coincidental as I was only discussing this topic on Tuesday with a work colleague and how I found our roles to moving into a world of  advisory and consultation compared to what we done in the past – our backgrounds are automation and functional here by the way so theres been a shift in both areas.  With the spike in TDD, BDD, etc I suppose this was always going to happen.

    In regards to DevOps Automation testing, Continuous Integration and Delivery – I believe testing has moved and evolved/ reacted to the change in development processes – moving into a CI world.



    Thank you Thomas. Advisory and consulting is indeed something our testing roles trend towards. Didn’t think about consluting as part of shift-Coach, but it probably is. The shift-coach article is here: https://jlottosen.wordpress.com/2016/10/16/shift-coach/

    BTW: I don’t see the Shift-trends as exclusive, just labels of what goes where.


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