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    As part of the Test Huddle Birthday Party, we are hosting a few games.

    One in particular is for everyone in the community to take part in.

    Do you like chess?

    We have just acquired a very special chess board here at Test Huddle Headquarters and we want to play a game.

    How it Works

    Comment underneath with which team you would like to play for (blues or reds).
    The when the first game starts, each person in turn will be asked to make a move and move their chess piece.

    So if you are first to go for the red team , you might say pawn at a2 to a3. Each player will take a go in turn. After the last player of one team has taken a go, it will go back to the first player of that team.

    The game will run for the three days of the Birthday party. If the game finishes before that, then a new game will be started. Players can join a team at any time but not on the final day.

    The will be prizes for the winning team.

    Any questions, please comment below.

    Best of luck.




    @kristoffernordstrom Seeing as we have no contenders yet. We might pit our office expert here against you today?


    @ronan Bring it!

    1: e4


    Ok, so just to clarify the rules. Rows 1 and 2 are blue and rows 7 and 8 are red.

    So to move you have to mention the position the piece is at and where you want to move to: e.g. a2:a3

    I will take a photo after every move for player and upload it here.


    @kristoffernordstrom Just to clarify, what is your move. I dont want to get it wrong for you!


    No probblem, I was simply going by standard chess notation 😉
    But we’ll do your system.

    1: e2:e4


    As you can tell….no one here is an expert in chess…..this could be a short game!


    Also standard gentlemens agreement as to the correspondence chess rules apply.

    – Looking up online references to chess openings is ok.
    – No use of chess engines for analysis 😉


    Sounds great….

    introducing our Test Huddle chess aficionado @gerld

    I will update each move with photos.


    Move 1:


    Game on!
    Just need to dust of Deep Blue – haven’t booted it up in a while 😛


    Apologies for delay, was grinding some freshly roasted beans.


    No worries.





    Can we get a photograph of this heated action @ronan?


    @Gerald: I’m sorry but I can’t seem to make sense of your last move. Bishop on F-lane 5 steps down, but the pawn is in the way and the bishop can’t go i straight lines. But maybe I’ve missed something fundamental here about the notation we use.
    This is the way I see the board.


    Sadly the updates only happen during office hours! Here are the moves:

    @gerld d7:d6

    @kristoffernordstrom d2:d4


    The board as it stands now with layout:




    @gerld e7:e5


    It’s war!


    @gerald g1:f3

    Come on @ronan I’m missing pictures 😉


    Or maybe I don’t… just my browser not updating.. sorry 😉




    @kristoffernordstrom g1:f3


    @gerld c8:g4


    I do Knight killings blessings!


    Away from my knight!


    @kristoffernordstrom h2:h3

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