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    I found this Mind Map for mobile testing. It’s very detailed and impressive but my question is, what’s missing? Is there anything that you would add to this mind map or would it be fair to say that it covers every angle?


    @Daragh: a nice mindmap from testinsane it is. But nutt very nuttshell’y. To me mobile would be three lessons:
    1) It’s on the move (location, network)
    2) It’s a device of devices (alarm, calendar, .. oh and a phone too)
    3) Fragmentation

    do notice that in this story: Holy Complications Batman – an enterprise app testing story we are build apps out of a app framework, that build on top of the apple/google native apps. Corporate controlled devices, similar to our corporate managed pc’s – are a part of the equation too.

    oh, this upcoming webinar could give us a clue: The Mobile Tester – Your Place In The Team

    Here are some additional ressources:


    Very nice list, thanks for sharing this.

    I’d like to add a few things – connectivity via ALL available options, be it wifi, Bluetooth, device pairing, USB, etc. Following on from that the threats that come with the different connection options.
    A few apps come with their own pre-requisite software, is that software interferring with our application or are there known security risks?
    Something that may be covered by user habits are the different interactions of applications, for example a user is emailing, texting, taking photos, using the application under test while receiving a call. After the call, is the applicationl still in the correct state, what is that state in various critical scenarios?
    Combining user habits with memory or other restrictions, i.e. memory full or memory card taken out, does the app still work, how does it recover? This could be covered in the -ility section.
    It’s been good to think about this again, thanks.


    So the map maybe needs some context to be understood. It appears to address what I’d call low levels of test cases types (areas to test), which is good, but not activities such as test planning, test strategy, approaches to testing (e.g. model base, risk-based, math-based, exploratory, etc), high level design test selection, oracle creation, and report. How woAuld I select out of this map which test I have time, budget, and skills to be able to achieve? It is very useful.

    BTW, another area that might be “missing, at the hardware and software test types, is what I would term “operations tests”. Mobile devices can be used in many types of operations by different users, e.g. business, home, gaming, environments, sales, schools, general, etc.

    Ronan Healy

    It does appear @Jesper, @Thomas and @Jon that more levels could be added to the Mind Map.

    I wonder where does the Mobile testing cross over with other aspects of testing i.e. exploratory and would these be included?

    Ronan Healy

    Also to let ye guys know, its the start of our mobile testing series today. One webinar for each of the next three days on different aspects of mobile testing. More info here.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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