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    [For audio intro go here: http://holysmokesbatman.com/tracks/holy-complications.html]

    The story begins with the dynamic duo (two testers) getting a distress call from commissioner PM: We are deploying an internal enterprise mobile app, but something is teasing us so that it doesn’t work. We suspect the all kinds of bad guys – can you help us identify who and what?

    What we know is that we have an Citrix Worx MDM deployment with WorxWeb and a custom shortcut (as an App) to a specific page. Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t.


    Let’s first interview the customer and stakeholders
    For that we can apply a consulting mindset – what is the business mission, what is the complication – and what is the proposed solution. The solution in this context was to gather field reports and lab reports – but both in a very structured and with focus on the different angels to the trouble areas of an app:
    – Network connection
    – Geo-location
    – Other applications in use
    – Device type
    – OS version
    This was drawn in a mind map and draw on multiple mobile testing resources at both testhuddle and software testing club.

    To the bat cave
    Lab testing focused on a single “Given-When-Then” scenario: Given that the Worx Home is in place, when the app is activated – then it deploys. From there we initially broke the combinations down into test sessions. And after about a days work we had 20 session notes. Applying exploratory principles we re-scoped based on the new knowledge and duck deeper into one specific device configuration.

    Holey Older Operating System – Batman
    We could now capture the bad guy and bring him to the PM.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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