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    I’m a new tester and I’m in mobile area. I want to introduce mobile automation testing in my company. Our application is native and is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

    Could you give me advises for accomplish this objective? From what I saw the principal difficult is with Windows Phone, do you have sugestions?

    I’ll wait for your answers 🙂

    Best regards,
    Rui Fernandes


    Hi Rui,

    I’ like you suggest toy few points from my previous experiences.
    1. Invest more time to understand your APP – try to gain clear knowledge on app architecture , Understand core functionality, Business values, Critical issue.
    2. Ask your management clearly, they need solution with open source or they ready to spend money for tool ownership.
    3. Study your project IT infrastructure automation environment.
    4. Now jump in the market try to find a “best fit” test automation tools with your APP/Product,

    Note: My ideas is many companies have their own limiters over budget and time constraints, if you introducing some tool with app you need to work more closely with developer and project management.

    Good Luck 🙂 & write me back when you finally select any tool.




    Many online tutorials for mobile automation testing is available over google that will help you to learn about mobile automation testing. I will recommend you to refer this blog

    Thank you.


    Hello, @rui-fernandes
    Here are a few tips that can help you while mobile app testing.

    1. Be very familiar with your mobile app. Learn it in and out
    2. Keep in mind that you are testing a mobile app and not desktop software
    3. Take into account the hardware specifications and operating system of the device you are testing on
    4. Use real devices whenever possible for better testing results.
    5. Use the mobile application testing tools that you are familiar with and not pick any because of their popularity.
    6. Try using cloud mobile testing.
    7. Try using development menu options to the maximum.
    8. Emulators and simulators can be your protectors, use them whenever required.
    9. Remember performance testing is important.
    10. Don’t run after automation have a balance between automation and manual testing
    11. Beta testing is always an added advantage.
    12. Plan out your time for various testing activities.

    Hope this helps!


    If your app is native for Android, iOS and Windows, does this mean you have separate repos for each platform?

    Assuming so, I suggest you do Espresso for Android and XCTest for iOS.

    Test Automation University has some great courses on learning these.

    There will be different types of testings and techniques related to mobile testing., some of them primarily to test are functional, Localization, Performance, API and Security

    Hey !! I would recommend learning testing from a renowned institute that will provide you with theory & practical knowledge. Check out Hitek Computer School for software testing as they provide, certificates, internship & placement assistance.


    please help on considering the best tool for mobile automation


    automation tools for mobile


    Munish Sharma


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This can include all the factors that can affect the test process such as selection of devices, documentation, and developing an understanding of usability, functionality, compatibility, performance, and security goals related to your application</span></span>

    Munish Sharma

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