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    Hi folks,
    Pretty soon we hope to start on the process of making improvements to the website. We have ideas ourselves of what changes we would like to make but we want to hear from you the user as to what changes you would like to see.

    Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

    – Improved User Profile in Forums (this might display number of posts, Location, Area of interest)

    – Forum layout (More compact design, More sub-forums, Use of drop-down menus)

    – Addition of Polls

    – Private Forums for users

    So there are a few suggestions. What would you like to see? Let us know.


    How about adding +1/Like button for the post or answer?




    Thanks for the feedback guys. The more thoughts the better for the community!


    Think through the introduction of communication by wahts up for the all member vidio , sound , writing


    Hi Ronan,

    I think it would be nice to have a preview option when writing a message in a conversation. It would be very useful when you write something, than click on “Preview” button, see that something is not correct inside the text, change it and only at the end if everything is ok you click on “Submit”.



    Hi Ronan!

    For me not too much is wrong with the test huddle. I find it very useful and fairly easy to navigate and use. Personally I find the biggest value is sharing information, experiences and techniques/tips etc. Therefore I spend most of my time in this forum which has most of the useful content in it.

    I think it would be good to have better search/access facilities or to be able to index/label/catgorize topics based on most current/popular trends. I’m thinking cloud/agile/mobile etc. Currently I find it harder than it should be to get to a topic or perhaps I have missed a trick???

    Also agree that better use of private messaging/inboxes would be useful.

    Thanks and best regards,


    Not really a forum change as it were but a potential idea you guys might like to implement?

    Have you considered setting up some sort of mentorship service? Not even a very hands on approach but something as simple as a forum topic where people can post that they’re seeking to mentor or be a mentee? (Or better yet, become a manatee!)

    Being from Northern Ireland the testing community is pretty quiet so I feel I have to go online to find the best talent to learn from. I’m certainly seeking a mentor anyway!


    I would like a more user friendly archival ‘library’-like option to search for presentations and papers from past eurostar conferences, instead of searching through the history of Eurostar programs and clicking through the whole program to find that particular piece
    (example: “I know I saw something on that topic at EuroSTAR before..but how was the preso called, who was the speaker, when was it…”, would be cool if I only had to type ‘performance testing’ and I got all preso’s from the past eurostars about that topic. I could contact the speaker, download the preso etc.)


    @nathalie THe past presentations is something we are working on at the moment and hope to have available soon. I’ll keep you updated.

    @nick Great idea. That is definitely something that we haven’t considered before but might be worth thinking about.

    @martin An easy search is one that we are definitely looking implementing.


    It would be nice to have automatic login for registered users (when the password is saved in browser).


    It would be nice to have automatic login for registered users (when the password is saved in browser).

    Great suggestion @lelazg. That makes sense. We’ll add that one to our next bunch of planned improvements.

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