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    When you start testing of a new application, do you have a rate of finding defects in mind (say 1 defect every 10 minutes on an average)?
    Do you focus on that?
    Do you calculate the rate at the end of testing?


    I don’t focus on defect detection rates or Meantime between failures MTBF. What mostly interests me is MTTR – mean time to recover, ie how fast the defect turn around time is. Sometimes it can be interesting to look at how many “iterations” a defect have before it is closed, but that depends on the number of dev teams.

    I wrote about the rate of active defects here: 


    Pretty interesting article that.

    I too do not focus on defect detection rate during testing. But at the end of the testing, I do check it once.


    I tend to focus more on delivering value to my customers

    Ultimate Guide to Reducing the Amount of Defects and other Waste in your Product


    Hi Archana,

    I don’t use any defect detection rate. Personally, I don’t think it is ok to define this rate because defects have different severity. You can find 10 minor bugs in one day and 2 major bugs in the next day. Of course, there can be used metrics with various weights for defects characteristics (severity, likelihood etc.) but you risk focusing more on this metrics/rates and less on testing and quality.

    I have seen managers that use this defect detection rate as a target for the testing team during a specific iteration/sprint, but the rate is set by the managers and not by the testers


    Ronan Healy

    Good post on it here too:

    Defect Detection Percentage: handle with care!



    @ronan an extremely interesting article on DDP.

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