Featured Members: Steve Coldbeck, Claudiu Draghia and Danny Dainton

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This weeks Featured Members on TEST Huddle are:


Steve Coldbeck

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Steve is a Test Analyst based in the U.K. who works with the KCOM Group. He has an interest in the areas of functional and Manual. Steve was on TEST Huddle regularly last week as we celebrated our birthday and in particular the “True or False” thread. For the thread you had to tell either a true or false story about yourself. The more believable the better.  His contribution is worth checking out.



Claudiu Draghia

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Claudiu works with software testing company Capgemini. Claudiu has a deep interest in testing. Over the past year, he developed a testing map which he created a thread on TEST Huddle about. That thread ended up winning the “Thread of The Year” at the very first TEST Huddle Awards. If you’re curious, you can catch up on that thread here.



Danny Dainton

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Danny is a software tester based in the U.S. He just joined TEST Huddle in the last week. Already he has contributed to the community. Danny has commented in the thread Where did you get your testing knowledge? It’s one that you can contribute too.



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