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    For the past year or so I have been working on a map of software testing areas thetestingmap.org

    I have also added whatever articles or blog posts I could find in regards to specific areas.

    I would really appreciate your feedback in regards to how the software testing areas are set up.

    Do you think something should be added? Is there a wrong connection or it does not make sense…this kind of stuff..

    // claudiu D.



    wow that is really impressive!
    Thanks a lot for sharing! I think if it works for you then it is a great tool! I struggle with mind maps a little bit.
    This looks very comprehensive! Maybe some other community members have some more constructive feedback who use mind maps on a regular basis?


    @claudiu That is an amazing map. One that I might be referencing for a while.

    Also have a look at an older conversation on TEST Huddle on the Taxonomy of software testing. You might find some useful thoughts on how testing areas could be related.


    @ Claudiu : This is an awesome testing map my friend. I’m new to testing and learning more every day, this will definetly help me along the way. Thank you.



    I shared the map with my team and they loved it. We are always seeking to learn and discover and it is great to see new visualisations of texting! Thank you!


    Wow @claudiu-draghia, this is seriously impressive. It’s like a visual wikipedia for testers. What a powerful resource, I shall go tweet this.

    Re feedback, there are times when I feel overwhelmed by the lists of information e.g. books and podcasts. Is there an opportunity to break ‘large’ lists into smaller circles and group accordingly?

    Very interested to see how this continues to evolve.


    +1 for this – would it be possible to add some kind of tagging within the areas?

    Also, how is this data stored? Is it easy to update & maintaining? I’m wondering what the information resources would look like in alphabetical order?

    For those empty areas requiring info, could you provide the capability to submit information directly from that area’s dialog? The submitted form could contain the area by default… I was thinking this would help with moderation.

    Overall, this is such a great resource – thank you so much for sharing!

    I’m loving the search feature – really helps me to drill down to the resources.

    I can imagine there’s a massive overhead in updating & maintaining – great work guys!


    We are currently working on a module that would allow anyone to subscribe and get a list of articles to review and rate. In this way will present the article in a value order. right now they are displayed based on received date.


    Unfortunately only part of the data is stored. I retrieve the articles using RSS and some of the blogs send only a part of the post. In case the blog disappears much of the information will be lost.

    Once the “review article” module will be available for sure there will be a possibility for any user to add content. This module will allow user to rate articles. It will allow us to display the articles based on a rating not based on the date they are publishDed as it is right now.


    Thanks for the update @claudiu-draghia, view by rating sounds like a useful feature.

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