Featured Members: Shmuel Gershon, Craig Lynch and Yogananda Jeppu

Last time we got to know: Ruud TeunissenMorne Rooschuz and Mariana Alzate.


This weeks Featured Members on TEST Huddle are:

Shmuel Gershon

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Shmuel is a software tester working for Intel in Israel. Shmuel was a keynote presenter at last year’s EuroSTAR conference. He is a regular blogger and can be found at testing.gershon.info. Shmuel is an author too, as well as a technical lead at a testing department in the Jerusalem campus of Intel. He also features in this month’s EuroSTAR “Best of 2014” ebook which has a little True or False quiz about your fellow TEST Huddle members. Check it out here.


Craig Lynch

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Craig is a test manager for a financial services company in Scotland. He is intereted in the areas of automation and security. So if you have the same interests why not drop Craig a Huddlemail. That is what the community is all about. Speaking of which, Craig has introduced himself to the community in the forum in the simply titled “Introduce Yourself” thread. Craig is obviously a big fan of Mario Kart. Yoshi was always my go to driver.


Yogananda Jeppu

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Yogananda is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He works for Moog and interestingly works on  software development for aerospace vehicles so it’s a job I can imagine that has a lot of responsibility. Yogananda has expertise in safety critical software systems. I don’t think we have too many experts in that area on TEST Huddle!


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