Featured Members: Novi Kumalasari, Peter Schrijver & Steve Warner

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This  weeks featured members are:


Novi Kumalasari

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Novi just joined TEST Huddle this week so we are glad to have her aboard. Novi is a software tester based in Indonesia. Her main area of interest is manual testing. Novi hasnt got involved in any of the discussions in the community but I’m sure her first port of call with be the Introduce Yourself thread.



Peter Schrijver

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Peter is testing consultant based in the Netherlands working with TesT-Pro. Peter is a context driven tester and is a great promoter of the 5blogs blog. The blog highlights five blog posts each day related to testing. It’s a great blog to follow. Peter has one of the most unique handles on Test Huddle (Simon Say No More). You can follow him on Twitter too.


Steve Warner

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Steve is based here in Ireland He has been active in the discussion about  How Does Automation Testing Impact Manual Testing? The debate has been lively in this discussion. Do you have thoughts on it?


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