On This Day: June 5th

The Apple II is launched and Mozilla 1.0 becomes public. All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.


1977 – Apple II is launched apple II

Apple launch the Apple II computer. The machine features an a 1MHz MOS 6502 processor, with an integrated keyboard, and expandable memory (4K expandable to 48K). The computer has a monitor capable of color graphics, with sound card, and expansion slots. The machine is run on the built-in BASIC programming environment. Along with the addition of the VisiCalc spreadsheet programme, the Apple II is often regarded as the first true PC.







2002 – Mozilla 1.0 launchedmoz 1.0

On this day in 2002, Mozilla 1.0 is made available. Mozilla is a new light, web browser that works on multiple operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Solaris. The name for Mozilla is a contraction of “Mosaic killer” (the slang “killa” being adopted for the name). The browser was built to surpass Mosaic to become the most popular internet browser.




Images: oldcomputers.net/wikipedia

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