Featured Members: Magnus Pettersson, Frank Pedersen and Chris Moller

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This week I am featuring a few more members of TEST Huddle for you to read about.


Magnus Pettersson

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Magnus works in testing for SWARCO Sverige AB in Sweden. Magnus came to testing after spending time working a teacher, IT-technician and a “water smelling guy” amongst other things. No I am not sure what job involves “water smelling” either.  Magnus is a big detective mystery fan hand got involved in the chat on TEST Huddle on the his Favourite TV series.

 Frank Pedersen

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Frank joined the TEST Huddle community in August. Frank is lucky enough to be working at LEGO as a QA lead. I’m sure the first question everyone asks him is if he gets free Lego bricks each year. Since joining, Frank got involved in the community straight away taking part in some of the software testing discussions on the forum especially in the discussion started by Simon on what questions to ask.



Chris Moller

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A new member to the TEST Huddle community is Chris Moller. Chris is from Denmark but  is now living in Norway working as a Test Lead with MH Wirth there. Chris is heading to the EuroSTAR conference this year. Chris introduced himself to the community by posting in the aptly named Introduce Yourself Thread. If you want to learn about how your fellow members got involved in software testing, that is the place to find out.



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