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Sing with your Community

Open to Singers of All Levels

What better way to connect with your community than by coming together to sing in a virtual choir? Yes you read that correctly, the EuroSTAR Community Choir is coming soon to a screen near you!

This year, when we all need it most, we invited the testing community to come together & sing in a virtual choir, led by an experienced Choir Master who is well versed in virtual rehearsals.

We had our first virtual rehearsal on Sept. 23rd, and it’s fair to say everyone was beaming with ear-to-ear smiles after a fantastic evening!

You will bey surprised about how easy and causal it is, and not as scary as you might have anticipated! You couldn’t hear everyone else singing, so there was nothing to be self-conscious about. Sean, the choir Master is absolutely fantastic and has a video to explain the easy process involved.

Do you want to hear the good news? 😀

You can still take part, and we can send you the recording of the first rehearsal so you can see what it was like.

So come on, sign up today and we’ll send you all the music, lyrics and how to guides. It’s going to be amazing!

Sign me up for the EuroSTAR Community Choir

Never Sung Before?

Everyone can sing and a choir is about the mix of voices and harmonies over individual abilities so why not give it a go and surprise yourself? We’ve an incredible choir master who is well versed at bringing the best out of people, even in a virtual setting.

What’s Involved?

  1. Register your interest HERE.
  2. Join for 3 x 1 hour rehearsals – 23rd Sept, 30th Sept & 7th Oct @ 19.30 BST
  3. Record the chosen song as a group

You’ll be amazed at what a community can achieve in just three rehearsals!


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