DevOps Jobs: Tips for Finding the Perfect Job in DevOps

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There isn’t a single industry today that don’t utilize technology in one form or another. There is a growing demand for people who are knowledgeable in developing a software or an application, automation, building websites and running network operations.
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There are two main areas where you can find employment in DevOps; the development side (scripting, coding, or programming) and the operational side. DevOps is a lucrative industry for people who love challenges, and those who want to integrate new technologies on a day-to-day basis.

The best thing about being in this industry is that, the demand for technical skills won’t decline anytime soon. There are also plenty of opportunities to upskill, due to the evolving nature of technology and newer platforms being introduced to consumers and business owners.

But, because of the need for collaboration and fast turnaround time of projects, developers often experience burnout and quit their jobs too easily. If you’re in this industry and you want to secure a more fulfilling job or a position that you think you fit best in, these tips will surely help you out.



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Find a job or a position that will help you develop your strongest skills. Ask yourself which skills you would like to develop through ongoing learning in your new job. In this industry, it is important to keep up to date with new trends and technologies, so make sure you are learning new things and don’t get stuck with what you already know.

Begin your search with the skills you’re strongest at, then find opportunities that will enhance those and at the same time, enable you to learn new skills. The best company to work in is a company that encourages the growth of employees.



To maximise performance and productivity in the workplace, tech companies cultivate their own working environments. Positions in these companies are reliant on these environments because the work relies on the development of systems that will transfer knowledge.

Look for a company with a healthy organisational culture. Use the interview process to find out about the team, what opportunities employees have and how knowledge is shared and passed on. Talk to people who work at the company and use online resources to find out about employee experiences of working with the company.



When you secure a DevOps role you will be assigned an enormous amount of responsibility. A developer outside of this industry may only be accountable for the development element of projects but in DevOps you may be asked to undertake checks in relation to system administration or conducting quality assurance work.

Before you apply for any opportunities, research the position to find out what it entails and whether it’s right for you. Most employees, not just in DevOps, quit their jobs because their duties are either unfulfilling, extremely stressful, or very demanding.



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Make a Good Impression

If you have a personal website, LinkedIn profile or CV, you need to use them in a strategic way to make a strong first impression. LinkedIn profiles should be up to date and optimised and your CV polished and professional.

Make sure that you include all of your DevOps skills are clearly emphasised, and add in the tools that you use too. A professional CV writer will be able to help you craft a tailored CV to really emphasise your skills, knowledge and areas of expertise.


Find out What’s Right for You

DevOps is such an interesting area and there are so many exciting projects that you can be involved in depending on your specific interests and requirements. Once you have decided on your priorities and what matters to you as an employee or leader, find a couple of jobs of interest and then list out the benefits and drawbacks of each job.

Speak to recruiters and find out what jobs are out there and use the internet to research opportunities before choosing the perfect DevOps position.

The job search process can be lengthy and challenging for many, especially for those who don’t like to find jobs but careers. If you approach your job search the right way, weigh your options and set your goals, you can find the perfect job in no time.




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