BlogSpy Vol 121: EuroSTAR Conference Special Round-Up Part II

Welcome to the 121st edition of EuroSTAR’s BlogSpy, the best round-up on the internet of the latest blog posts from the world of software testing.

This week blogspy is a EuroSTAR special. We have so many summary posts on EuroSTAR that we have had to split them into two posts. You can read the part one here.


Teaching Mobile Testing In The EuroSTAR 2015 Test Lab – Stephen Janaway

A specialist in mobile testing, Stephen Janaway was a speaker at both EuroSTAR and Deep Dive this year. As well as all that, he ran a session at the test lab at the EuroSTAR conference on mobile testing. Here he discusses his experiences carrying out this session.

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Top perspectives from EuroSTAR 2015 – Pamela Gillaspie

Pamala Gillaspie travelled from the United States to speak at EuroSTAR 2015. She also attended much of the Conference and here she gives her perspective on the “top things” at EuroSTAR 2015 in a list format.

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Avanza QA goes to Maastricht for the EuroSTAR conference! – Leo

Leo comments on his expectations for EuroSTAR and if the event lived up to them. He lists his favourite speakers, what his main takeaways were and what he would have liked to see more of at EuroSTAR.

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Eurostar Test Lab 2015 – Guna Petrova

Guna was one of the test lab masters at the EuroSTAR 2015 conference. She discusses about how the organisation of the Test Lab went and why she might be tempted back.

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EuroSTAR 2015 Community Blogger Storybook: Final Review – Colin Cherry

Colin Cherry waws our resident blogger at this year’s EuroSTAR. As well as his daily updates (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) he finished up his role with a blog post summary of the whole event with a few stories about his week.

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How to develop into a Great Speaker – Katrina Clokie

So if after reading all those blog posts about presentations and learning at EuroSTAR has inspired you that you can get to EuroSTAR 2016, then check out Katrina Clokie’s blog post with some words on how to become a great speaker.

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