BlogSpy Vol 118: This week’s round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the blogosphere

Welcome to the 118th edition of EuroSTAR’s BlogSpy, the best round-up on the internet of the latest blog posts from the world of software testing.


The End of Expertise – Bill Fischer

Bill Fischer makes the argument that as knowledge is becoming more easily accessible that expertise is losing its prestige and it has shifted from what you know to who you know.

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After Agile – Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall explores a line of argument on what will come next after Agile, Dev-Ops and it has to do with mindset.
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40+ Most Common Mobile Testing Interview Questions

The team over at Software Testing Help have come up with some expamples of typical interview questions for mobile testing interviews and what sort of answers might fit those questions
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Lessons In Quality From VWGate: Volkswagen’s Engine Troubles –  Aditya Vadaganadam

Adituya explores what can be learned from the controversy of Volkswagen’s hidden software to cheat emission tests in relation to testing.

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Changing the conversation about change in testing – Katrina Clokie

Based on her experience at some recent conferences, Katrina writes about how changes in testing is being viewed and how she plans to approach her thoughts about these changes.
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