On This Day in Technology History: November 18th

On today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle; Bill Gates gets his start in Programming and Nintendo release the GameCube.


1970 – Bill Gates starts in Programming

The co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates  starts his career in computer programming while still at high school in Lakeside School in Seattle.  The school owns several early computers that Gates and his friends spend all their spare time programming.  Gates along with friends spend much of their spare time on the school machines and go on to form the Lakeside Programmers Group to offer Information Sciences Inc. free programming services on its PDP-10 in exchange for free time on the computer.



2001 – The Release of GameCubeThe Nintendo GameCube

In North America, Nintendo releases the GameCube video game console in North America. The new system features a 128-bit custom 485MHz IBM “Gekko” PowerPC CPU,  along with a 162MHz ATI Flipper graphics processor. The memory of the new machine includes  24MB 1T-SRAM, 16MB DRAM. It also features four controller ports.  THe GameCube is Nintendo’s fourth game system and retailed at a price of US$199.95.




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