Blogspy 235: Best of Software Testing Blogs This Week

It is the latest edition of Blogspy. Stay updated with our compilation of the best Software Testing blogs this week. Each week we bring you our favourite QA and testing blog posts by the testing  community. This week we feature posts on the perfect Scrum Master, What to Automate, types of testing, the test pyramid and more.


Types Of Software Testing | Archana Yadav

This post is part of a series on the fundamentals of software testing. This post looks at the different types of testing and when you should be utilising each type.

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How Do You Decide What To Automate? | Katrina Clokie

When approaching what to automate, it may be tempting to jump right in and start picking out tests to change over. However as Katrina explains in this post, you need to think about strategy when deciding what to automate.

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How Will IoT Impact Mobile App Development | Michael Jones

What effect, if any, will IoT have on Mobile app development? This post explores the what and how of IoT and its possible effect on future mobile apps.

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Developers Can Test, Too | Kathryn Nest

Kathryn describes a situation recently in her work environment where the backlog of testing was so big that developers were deployed to test. Here she shares the results of getting developers on her team to test.

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The Practical Test Pyramid | Ham Vocke

The idea of the Test Pyramid has been around for a while. However implementing the idea of the Test Pyramid can be difficult. In this post, Ham shares how to practically apply the concept of the Test Pyramid.

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Communities of Practice | Jess Ingrassellino

Jess explains why some of the things she has seen in communities of practice including in software testing that have led her to getting less involved in these communities. She explores what this says about testing.

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TestOps – The Most Antifragile Testing Role | Sławomir Radzymiński

From reading a book on Antifragility, Slawomir finds some of the concepts of Antifragility can be applied to TestOps. he explains why he thinks TestOps is Antifragile.

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How to Choose A True Great Scrum Master?  | David Tzeman

>What are the characteristics of a great scrum master? David think he has cracked the code. In this post he shares some of the attributes that an excellent Scrum Master should have.
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