BlogSpy 225: Celebrating the Best of Software Testing Blogs

Welcome to another great edition of BlogSpy. In this episode we round up the latest in software testing thoughts with an update on what is happening in the software testing blogosphere with our Huddle Blogspy round-up. Browse the round-up of most popular blogs on testing with posts this week on API testing. WebDriver and much more.


4 Tips for API Load Testing | Kirsten Aebersold

In the second post exploring API Testing, this post explores four handy tips for API load testing if you are exploring that area.

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WebDriver- Capture and Modify HTTP Traffic – C# Code | Anton Angelov

In a very through post, Anton shares how to capture and modify HTTP traffic with Selenium WebDriver and why it is important to do so.

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How To Do Performance Testing: Part 5 – Power To The Teams! | Bart Withaar

The final post of this series exploring Performance testing shares some of the learnings from the previous posts. It explores one of the most crucial factors in getting performance testing right; teamwork.

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How Developer Should Test | Karlo Smid

Karlo shares what responsibilities the developer has for testing software. He explores why the TDD method can be beneficial for all in testing software

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Manual Testing Has No Future. Manual Testing Has No Past. It Never Existed | Viktor Slavchev

Viktor argues that we should stop calling testing manual; it never was and never will be. Would you agree?

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Unlearning and Relearning Agile | John Cutler

John reflects on almost two decades of AGile and how the process has been changed by many teams who use it. He stresses the importance of the need to unlearn Agile.

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How to overcome the challenges of testing in the cloud | Jess Ingrassellino

Are you ready for testing in the cloud. The advantages of testing in the cloud have been widely acknowledged. However there are some challenges that many have to overcome to see the benefits of testing in the cloud.

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