Blogspy 213: Round-Up of Software Testing Blogs of The Week

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which bring you the top software testing blogs of the week with our software testing Roundup. This week we feature posts on the T-shaped person in Agile, WinAppDriver, Automated UI Tests and more.


Testing Oracle EBS Applications | Rama Mamidi

Rama shares a few pointers that you should be thinking about for testing Oracle EBS applications and why identifying right test scenarios is vitally important.

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Automate Windows Desktop Apps with WebDriver- WinAppDriver | Anton Angelov

As part of a new series, Anton shares how to manage and use the WinAppDriver as part of working on the automation of desktop apps.

Read More on WinAppDriver here


The Benefits of T-Shaped People on Your Agile Team | Mark J. Balbes

This piece explores how the t-shaped person can be of continuous benefit as part of your Agile team and why you should think about the role of being a t-shaped person.

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On spreading myself (too?) thin | Bas Dijkstra

Bas discusses how his workload lately has meant doing more of the urgent work than the important work and how that relates to the teaching of test automation.

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I Wish Companies Offered Functional Bug Bounties – Not Just Security Bug Bounties | Alan Richardson

With the rise of security bug bounty programmes, Alan shares a problem he was recently having with Slideshare and suggests that bug bounty programmes for functional problems would be a good thing?

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Keep your mind open when you are testing! | Joel Montvelisky

Joel shares how easy it is to test without thinking about the process. He shares six tips and practices that you can use to maintain a “testing edge” while completing simple testing tasks.

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Should you Write Automated UI tests? 4 Questions to Answer First | Rouan Wilsenach

If you are not sure if your next product needs UI testes. Rouan has created four questions that you should ask first before you decide to use those tests.

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Less Test Managers, More Test Coaches | Jesper Ottosen

Based on some recent comments by other thinkers in the field, Jesper discusses why test coaches could be more important than test managers and looks at the difference between the two.

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