Blogspy 211: Round-Up of the Top software testing blogs of The Week

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which bring you the top software testing blogs of the week with our software testing Roundup. This week we feature stories on test data, test coverage, the low barrier to entry for testing, persona based testing and more.


Anatomy of an Agile User Story Map | Teagan Harbridge

In this thorough post, Teagan demonstrates how to create an Agile User story map looking at creating the backbone, user stories and sequencing.

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Test Data in Test Automation: The Crucial Point in Test Automation | Thomas Garus

Which data is relevant to use for test automation? In this post Thomas shares why you should be thinking about test data from the start.

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Software Testing’s Low Barrier to Entry | Alessandra Moreira

Based on a Twitter post by Alan Page on gaining expertise in testing, Alessandra was  spurred on to think about what the entry barrier is like for testing. What qualifications and expertise do you need?

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Top 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Software Testing

These post on trends in testing have appeared every so often. In this post, QA Symphony, asks twelve different experts in the field of software testing questions on new technology, external and internal factors that will shape the future of testing.

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Encouraging Testers to Share Testing | Katrina Clokie

In this post, Katrina explores three things she believes that could prevent a tester from engaging others to help with the testing and why this matters for the whole team.

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Test Execution in Focus | Majd Uddin

Majd explains why he thinks test execution is the most neglected part of the test process and details how to get the test execution right.

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Code coverage and automated checks: Is 100% coverage enough? | Mark Winteringham

Mark makes the argument that when it come to code coverage, 100% still is not enough.

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Self-Management vs. Time Management: What You Need to Know | Patricia Thompson

There are only so many hours in the day so how to you manage your workload and how does that differ from your own self-management? In this article Patricia explains all.

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Persona Based Testing | Chamal Perera

One way to improve testing is to start testing as the end-user would use the product. Persona based testing helps you take on the role of a end-user to get better test coverage.

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