Blogspy 210: Round-Up of Top software testing blogs of The Week

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which bring you the top software testing blogs in our software testing Roundup. This week we feature stories on cloud testing tool, training for test automation, documentation and doubt.


Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools | Jessica Cyrus

There are a large amount of cloud based mobile testing tools that you can utilise for your testing but how do they compare to each other? This post compares a number of these tools on different criteria to see which tool may work best for you.

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Everyday create Your History | Chris Armstrong

Based on Michael Bolton’s FEWHICCUPPS mnemonic, this post looks at change in the context of software testing. Change can be both beneficial and not for a product but what does that mean for testers.

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Shivaji’s Epic Escape – Lessons Learned For Software Testing | Prashant Hedge

Prashant tells the story of Chhatrapati Shivaji a Maratha king and how his story of escape from capture can offer some surprising lessons to software testers.

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Chatbot Testing with SBTM and Mike Talks | Cassandra H. Leung

Cassandra writes about testing a Facebook messenger chatbot created by Mike Talks. In this post they reflect on the testing they carry out and what the results mean.

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Programmer’s Rorschach Test | Allan Kelly

Examining how company’s are organised, this post looks at how hierarchical structure in software building teams can be a constraint to those teams.

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What Comes After Scrum? #No Frameworks | Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen asks what will come next after Scrum. Based on Ken Schwaber’s principles of Scrum, he suggested that the next step in the progression will not feature a framework at all.

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Why I Think Automation Education Is Broken (and what I’ll try and do about it) | Bas Dijkstra

Is training for test automation failing? Bas thinks it can be improved. In this post he shares some points on the where he thinks the problems lie in training test engineers.

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Why Reading the Documentation is Important | Daniel Donbavand

Documentation is something that we can easily glance over for a project but it is there for a reason. Daniel shares some thoughts on why you should be reading the documentation and qualify’s as documentation.

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Doubt builds trust | Elizabeth Zagroba

Elizabeth explains why it can be more beneficial to trust the person that expresses doubt in a project than a person can expresses confidence.

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