Blogspy 209: The Latest Blog Posts On Testing from the Blogosphere

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which bring you the best blog posts on testing in our software testing Roundup. We have testing blog posts from the best software testing blogs this week including posts on five factor testing, test coverage, testability, teaching testing and more.


Schools of Software Testing: We Need Then | Jon Hager

As part of the Rant Over series on Huddle, Jon was invited to discuss the schools in software testing and why the schools are important for the industrty.

Read More on Schools for Software Testing here


Test Coverage Parallels in Trash Walking | James Bach

James has produced a series of posts on how trash collecting has some echoes of software testing. In this post he shares some guidelines that he uses that are useful for test coverage.

Read More on Test Coverage here


The Team Test for Testability | Ash Winter

Ash has devised a questionnaire for testability that you might want to try. He explains the background to each of the questions in the questionnaire.

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Testing Maturity – Dealing with grown up Kid | Shrini Kulkarni

Sharing his thoughts on Test maturity models, Shrini looks at maturity from a number of different angles.

Read More on Testing Maturity here


Teaching Testing to Developers | Christian Kram

Christian describes how he went about creating and running a workshop on Agile Testing and the feedback he has been getting on it.

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Five Factor Testing | Sarah Mei

In a detailed post, Sarah shares the five factors as to why we write tests. She examines each factor in detail and how to use the list of factors.

Read More on Five Factor Testing here


A different perspective on Boundary Testing | Anne-Marie Charrett

After reading Boundaries after a pathological relationship‘ by Adele Birch, Anne-Marie has developed some ideas on boundaries in relationships.

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