On This Day in Tech & Computer History: August 9th

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Looking back at the major events that occurred on this day in history. Today we look at Apple’s failed patent on wheel and Netscape goes public.


1995 – Netscape Goes PublicNetscape

On this day Netscape Communications Corp. goes public with five million shares offered of which 4.25 million are offered on the NASDAQ. This is the third largest IPO on the NASDAQ to date. The rest of the shares are offered internationally. Initially stock is valued at $14 a share but the stock opens at $71, reaching a high of $74.75 before closing at $58. It is the best opening day for a stock issue of its size in Wall Street history. The success of this IPO will start what will become known as the Dot-com bubble.



2005 – Apple Fail To Get PatentApple Ipod 1st Gen

In the United States, Apple Computer fail in their attempt to patent the iPod menu interface. This is due to a highly similar patent registered by Microsoft researcher John Platt filed in May of 2002, just five months before Apple’s application but after the release of the iPod.




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