Blogspy 208: Sharing the Best Blog Posts from Testing Blogosphere

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which bring you the best blog posts on testing in our software testing Roundup. We have testing blog posts from the best software testing blogs this week including testing with Selenium, Accessibility testing, a pathway to exploratory testing and more.


How To Selenium: Page Objects – Partial Classes Fluent API | Anton Angelov

Part of the WebDriver Page Objects Series, this post by Anton on using Selenium focuses on Partial classes and fluent API.

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Test ALL the things | Jesper Ottosen

Jesper explores how we should not limit testing to things that can be coded. We should be thinking about testing all the requirements and testing all the business risks.

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Changing Times – what is it about and who is it for? | Rich Rogers

Rich explains the story behind his new book, why it is all about quality and what you can learn from it.

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What Testers Need in Their Accessibility Testing Toolkits | Albert Gareev

Most would agree that acquiring new skills is important for testers. One area that has become more and more discussed recently is the accessibility domain. Digital accessibility refers to not only ease of use within web browsers for those with visual, auditory, or motor disabilities, but also software supported by users’ assistive technologies. Here Albert shares what testers need to know for testing in this area.

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Talking vs Communicating | Aaron Hodder

Aaron discusses how his experience at the Silent Experiment at the Inclusive Collaboration summit made him think about communication how how communication can still happen without talking.

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Pathway Exploratory Testing | Marcel Gehlen

As the title suggests, Marcel has developed a collection of posts and write-ups on exploratory testing to help those interested in getting into the field.

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How To Prepare For Your Next Test Automation Interview | Timothy Ebie

In a through post, Timothy shares how you can best prepare of a test automation interview, what to expect and how to best prepare for it.

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The Unspoken Requirement: Testing for Consistency | Michael Stahl

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of a product but how do you test for it? Michael shares some thoughts on consistency for products in software development.

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