Blogspy 207: The Best Software Testing Blogs Round-Up

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which bring you the best in our software testing Roundup. We have testing blog posts from the best software testing blogs this week including benefits of less automation, social skills for software testers  and more. This post we shares stories on Extreme Programming,  Continuous Testing, Docker, what is QA and more.


Continuous Testing Opens The Gateway To “Faster Time To Market” | Pavan Kumar 

Continuous Testing has evolved to act as a bridge between  Continuous Integration  (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). In this post Pavan explains the notion of Continuous Testing and how it can improve the time to market.

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A call to action: Let’s fix the Wikipedia page on Software Testing | Alan Page

Alan is making a open call for all software testers to rectify the software testing page on Wikipedia. He thinks it needs updating and requires a big effort.

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Extreme Programming And Agile Development In Scrum | Rohit Gupta

There is more than one way to adopt Agile process. In this post Rohit describes adopting Agile using the extreme programming method.

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The Illusion of Quality Assurance | Paul Seaman

What is in a name? Is Quality Assurance testing and is testing Quality Assurance? Paul shares his thoughts on Quality Assurance and why being a tester matters to him.

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How to write and an effective Test summary report? | David Tzemach

A Test Summary report is a compendium of  all details relating to the testing process that can be presented to management, project owners or even to company clients. In this post, David describes what a company report is and how to write one.

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Docker and Windows: VT-X/AMD-V error | Annapoorani Gurusamy

Annapoorani wanted to learn Docker and to use it with automated tests. This post looks at the solution for the “VT-X/AMD-V” issue while installing Docker on Windows.

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Code Health: To Comment or Not to Comment? | Dori Reuveni and Kevin Bourrillion

We have all seen comments in code but how useful are they? What should a good comment consist of and what should it leave out?

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