On This Day in Tech & Computer History: July 27th

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Looking aback at the major events in tech and computers that occurred on this day in history.  Today we feature stories on the Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 release and the new version of Pentium III is released.


1993 – Microsoft Release Windows NT 3.1windows 3.1 NT

Microsoft releases the Windows NT 3.1 operating system. The operating system first release in the Windows NT series. Windows NT 3.1 unlike Windows 3.x. is not based on MS-DOS.  The “Win32″ API was developed for Windows NT, providing a native 32 bit API.





1999 – Intel Release New Pentium IIIIntel pentium III 750

In the United States Intel introduces two new processors. The new 600MHz Pentium III is priced at $669 while Intel’s 550MHz Pentium III retails at $744.





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