Blogspy 199: The Best Software Testing Blogs List of Best Posts This Week

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which we round up the latest software testing blogs list of the best posts this week. This week we feature posts on Lessons from test automation, when should you test, continuous testing and more.


30 Best Practices for Software Development and Testing | Michael Foord

If you need some suggested help and best approaches to your testing then this extensive post from Michael might be what you are looking for. Covering a wide area, the post offers 30 ideas to get the most out of your testing.

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On supporting Continuous Testing with FITR test automation | Bas Dijkstra

Bas shares his thoughts on the how automated tests can form a big part of an organisation’s continuous testing strategy. Bas writes on automated test approach and why it should cover more than application functionality and coverage.

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3 Lessons from The Test Automation School of Hard Knocks | Angie Jones

Angie explains why you cant beat experience as a learning tool. In this blog post, she offers up three lessons she has learned from years of working on the test automation coalface.

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Why Should You Apply Test Automation? Benefits Of Test Automation | Rai Kou

If you want to automate or would like to automate some of your tests, which ones should you automate? What are the benefits of test automation? Rai guides you through some of the options for moving to test automation process.

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The A-Z of XP | James Thomas

James is diving further into the world of extreme programming. Here he reflects on what he has learned from reading Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck.

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When Should a Tester Engage in Testing? | Jyothi Rangaiah

Jyothi writes on why it is important for testers to be involved early in a project. She explains why if testers start contributing to a project from it’s discovery phase it will lead to better outcomes for the project.

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