On This Day in Tech History: Milestone Events in Computer History – May 30th

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Examining Milestone Events in Computer History, on this day events in computer history examines the important computer events that occurred on this day in history. The launch of the CD-V and Microsoft announce the Surface.


1987 – Launch of CD-VPhilips CDV

In the United States, Philips introduce the compact disc video (CD-V) format. The format is designed to use the same full motion video system as the earlier LaserVision technology but with higher picture quality and additional space for CD digital audio. The CD-V will be marketed as “CD’s with pictures,”  with most of the titles released on the format are music rather than movies.The format will never be commercially successful largely because its discs require a special CD-V drive.


2007 – Microsoft Launch SurfaceMicrosoft Surface_table

In the United States, Microsoft introduces its first touch-screen tablet. The Surface is intended for use in the commercial field especially in the hospitality and retail industries.




All Images: wikipedia.org

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