Blogspy 198: Round-Up of Best Software Testing Blog Posts

In the Huddle round-up of the latest software testing blogs this week, we feature posts on GitHub lists for testing, exploratory testing questioned and questions, Performance Testing blogs posts and more.

What Is A Test Case Anyway? No Test Cases, No Way | Robin Goldsmith

Exploratory testing is an area of testing that often invites discussion. In this blog post as part of his Unconventional Wisdom series, Robin looks at the role of test cases in exploratory testing and how it compares to other forms of testing.

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How to Sell QA to Higher-Ups | Michael Fritzius

A common problem for test managers and testers generally is promoting the importance of QA and testing to those in senior management. Often it is looked as a cost but how do you argue that it adds value to an organisation? Michael demonstrates how he would argue the case for better resources for QA.

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Oracle EBS Performance Testing Using LoadRunner | Arun Kumar

A straight-forward guide from Arun  on completing Performance Testing using LoadRunner looking at points to consider before and after recording scenarios.

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The fundamentals of effective bug reporting | David Tzema

What are the fundamentals of effective bug reporting? Describing what should be the mandatory fields and detailing the general guidelines to bug reporting, this blog post offers a great guide to the essentials of bug reporting.

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Being Reminded of All the Phases I’ve So Far Had in Writing Automated Checks | Jason B. Ogayon

Jason reflects on the number of different phases and stages of learning to code and writing automated checks over the past number of years. Here he shares how he felt and what he was doing in each of the stages.

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Don’t call it Exploratory Testing (if it’s not Exploratory Testing) | Nicola Owen

Nicola sets out a few questions to ask yourself to establish if you are doing testing that is really exploratory testing or is just ad-hoc testing.

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Too Many Tests? | Dave Westerveld

What is point of running automated regression tests? As Dave joined a new team, he found himself asking that question. Dave reflects on why too many tests may be not a good thing.

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9 GitHub Lists for Testing | Chris Kenst

GitHub might not be the first place to turn to during your testing but it has valuable resources. Chris shares some nine Github lists that he recommends to use during your testing.

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