Blogspy 197: Round-Up of Best Testing Blog Posts

In the Huddle round-up of the latest software testing blogs this week, we feature automation testing blogs posts, the importance of Agile testing, why Daily Scrum might be bad for your team and more.


Using Logs for Performance Testing | Majd Uddin

Madj looks at logging as a helpful tool for your performance testing, what should be included in logs and how to setup a logging infrastructure.

Read More on Logging For Performance Testing here


Postman cheat sheet – Quick guide to automating APIs | Mark Winteringham

Need some help with automating API’s. If you are using Postman, this cheat sheet is a great way to help you on your way with a guide for Using Variables, Status Codes, Headers and more.

Read More on Postman Cheat Sheet here


How To Do Performance Testing: Part 3 – Cloning To The Cloud | Bart Withaar

As part of the series by Bart on Performance Testing and all aspects of it, this post looks at Cloning and using the Cloud for create virtual environments for testing.

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Why do devs hate Agile? | Allan Kelly

Do Devs hate Agile? Allan ponders on this question and has suggested three possible reasons why Developers might not like being part of a Agile team.

Read More on Why Devs Hats Agile here


Your Daily Scrum is Killing Your Team | J. B. Rainsberger

Orginally published in 2015 but updated last week, this post looks at why the Daily Scrum might not be good for your team and how not to go about fixing it.

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Why Startups Love Agile | Blake Davies

Why is Agile so appealing to Start-Ups? Blake takes a look at the Agile process.

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