On This Day in Tech History: Milestones in Computer History – May 17th

Examining some of the major milestones in computer history that happened on this Day: the first server to run HTTP is created and the first blue-ray recorder is launched.

1991 – First Server to Run HTTPTim Berners Lee milestones in computer history

The first server in history to run HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is set up by Tim Berners-Lee on a NeXTcube at CERN.  At the time Tim Berners-Lee  was working as a fellow at CERN.  This setup is widely marked by some historians as the birth of the World Wide Web.





2006 – First Blu-Ray Recorderpioneer-bdr-101a-blu-ray-disc-drive milestones in computer history

In the United States, Pioneer ships the BDR-101A, the world’s first Blu-ray Disc recorder drive for personal computers which supports a data transfer rate of 72 Mbit/s. A single disc can hold just over two hours of high-definition video. The unit retails for $1,000.


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