Blogspy 194: Latest QA Software Testing Blogs

In the Huddle round-up of the latest QA software testing blogs this week we feature posts on lessons from Pokemon, What is Agile, schools of testing, SOAP UI and more.


The Complete Guide for Software Integration Testing | David Tzemach

As the title suggests, David offer a complete guide on integration testing including when to do it, why you might need it, the process and some techniques.

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Gotta Catch ’em All! | Andy Knight

Andy shares how trying to catch em’ all in Pokemon has a lot of similarities with QA. In this post he shares how in many different ways they are similar to each other.

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What is Agile? | Gil Zilberfeld

Many people try to define what Agile means and stand for. Here Gil shares his thoughts on who or what is Agile

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What (Soft) Skills Does A Test Engineer Need? | Aleksandar Ristic

Technical are always cited as important skills for anyway wanting to be a test engineer. However soft skills are rarely mentioned. What are the soft skills that you should be thinking about? Here Aleksandar shares what some of the soft skills you might need.

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How To Get Started In Software Testing – Part I | Tim Ebie

On the back of a recent survey that found those working in QA are the happiest in their job in  the U.S., Tim guides you through what you need to learn to get ahead in this field.

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How To… SoapUI: Using Docker To Execute Tests | Brendan Connolly

In the latest of the How to series on SOAP UI, Brendan shares how to execute your tests using Docker including installing, getting and analysing results.

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Using Kanban To Run Your Start-Up

Dan Tousignant looks back on what he believes was the first Agile coaching guide with Stephen Covey’s book “7  Habits of Highly Effective People” and how Steve was an Agile coach before it was called Agile coaching.

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Cynefin and Software Testing | Ben Kelly

Ben writes on the Cynefin model and how it can be applied to software testing, context driven testing and software development in general.

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Two new…schools? | Alan Page

Alan thinks there are two distinctive schools of testing in the world right now. Here he describes the two schools and what this means for software testing.

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Ultimate Guide for Creating Kickass User Stories | Tamás Török

If you needed a guide on how to create user stories then luckily for you Tamas has created the ultimate guide. Tamas goes through every aspect of User stories and the process of creating them.

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