Blogspy 192: Round-Up of Latest Testing Blogs

In the Huddle round-up of the latest testing blogs and QA. This week we feature posts on lessons from TDD, trends in testing, state of testing report, test management in agile, test automation frameworks and more.


How to use secrets – Darrell Grainger

Darrell shares how to get the difficult task of picking the right password but also suggests some help on how to store and remember all these passwords.

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Three Lessons From Test-Driven Development – Christophe Veltsos

Since 2002, Test Driven Development has become more and more common in software development. Christophe briefly looks at the history of TDD and offers some lessons for TDD for a security perspective.

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Top Seven Trends In Software Testing To Watch – Prashant Hegde

Trying to predict what the future of software testing is no easy task. The future of testing could go many different ways. Here Prashant suggests seven things that may shape software testing more in the future.

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QA in Production – Rouan Wilsenach

Rouan offers an insight into what he sees as QA in Production. He defines it as “an approach where teams pay closer attention to the behaviour of their production systems in order to improve the overall quality of the function these systems serve.”
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Test Management And The Role Of Test Management In Agile – Martin Zedeler

The Test Manager’s role in the Agile process has often been debated. Here Martin shares his thoughts on what Test Managers need to really understand the business and business needs , the need to understand how to work in near-shoring environments and other areas that are commonly highlighted by Agile experts.

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Having Too Much to Do – Issac Howard

Issac discusses a theme that we can all relate to, that is having a large number of tasks to do but figuring out how to manage the task list. How do you manage a list easily and what is the best option.

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Are You Still Looking For A Test Automation Framework? – Hari Charan

Hari discusses RedwoodHQ, a framework with some built-in features that allows you to automate and manage your tests  quickly and how it can be used.

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Why and How You Should Test Your Software – Itamar Turner-Trauring

A post that is aimed at Python Programmers and a preview of a talk to be given at PyCon 2017, this post discusses why you should test your software and importantly how you should test software with Python.

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State of Testing 2017 Report – Christian Kram

The State of Testing 2017 report has just been released by PractiTest and Tea Time With Testers. Christian comments on the series and shares some insights he has gleamed from the data.

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