Blogspy 156: Our Round-up of the best software testing blog posts

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. This week’s best of software testing blogs includes making Luck, defining Context Driven Testing, what is Organic testing, Pokemon Go and more.


Blog Spy

Making Luck – Adam Knight

Adam tells a story from how he was made redundant in January to landing a full-time role recently and how a lot of things led to this role.

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My Definition of Context Driven Testing – Curtis Stuehrenberg

Curtis explains after some recent discussion on the topic, on what he believes Context Driven Testing is.

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Connecting Test Automation To Specific App Features And Devices – Eran Kinsbruner

Eran Kinsbruner offers a guide on how to map test automation to specific features of a mobile app when testing.

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Jenkins User Interface Tweaks – Jason Ogayon

Jason suggests some tweaks to make to Jenkins User Interfaceto make it a bit easier to use.

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Improvisation And Testing; Unscript Yourself – Robert Strauch

What can Improv theatre teach you about testing? Robert explains:

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Organic testing – Viktor Slavchev

Viktor dives into his idea of what is Organic Testing and explains where the phrase originated from.

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Pokémon Go bugs: Gotta catch ’em all? – Neil Studd

The Pokemon phenomenon has penetrated the world of software testing blogs.  Neil Studd discusses a few lessons that can be taken from the release of the most popular gaming app this year.

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Pokémon Go and the Power of Maps – Randy Meech

Randy reveals the mapping related history of the Pokemon Go developers, Nianitc and the next era of AR mobile games where maps will play a bit part.

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