Blogspy 155: Our Round-up of the best software testing blog posts

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. This week’s best software testing blog posts include #NoEstimates debate, using Sudoku for your test automation, test infected developers and more.


Blog Spy


Product Owners and Learning, Part 1 – Johanna Rothman

The start of a five part series on working with product owners and developing products while trying to fit all the requirements and technical aspects together.

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Lessons Learned in Test Automation Through Sudoku – Randy Rice

How did Sudoku influence Randy’s thinking on test automation. Randy explains how his approach has changed since a friend started developing a tool for Sudoku.

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The Three Pillars Of Agile Quality And Testing – 

What are the three pillars of Agile testing? Carlos explores each in depth within a framework for others testing.

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The problem with the #NoEstimates Debate – Jason Kerney

The No Estimates debate shows no signs of abating. Here Jason explains his issues with the whole debate.

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Why not estimating doesn’t make sense – Henrik Ebbeskog

Henrik explores the definition of estimates and makes the argument that working without estimates is not a good thing.

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An Open Answer to an Open Letter – Alan Richardson

Chris McMahon wrote a blog post recently on a paper that was published by Michel Bolton and James Bach recently where he was highly critical of the paper and asked those that reviewed it to either support or reject the paper. Here Alan Richardson responds to Chris

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Test-Infected Developers – Katrina Clokie

Katrina writes on the relationship between developers and testers and the rising instances of developers engaging in test related activities.

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