AngularJS Development Tools for 2021

AngularJS is the frontend technology that ideally deals with developing highly dynamic elements and super responsive & quick UI for scalable applications. So, with regards to the client experience, you can not underestimate its usage. 

Using the proper development tools is crucial for better outcomes. AngularJS development tools are focused on improving the overall experience for developers during the development process. They also facilitate developers to publish their applications and projects at a faster rate.

If you are looking to hire Angular.JS developers, make sure they are well aware of some of the tools used in AngularJS. But before that, it is important for you to know about these tools. 

Let’s take a look at the top AngularJS development tools for 2021.



AngularFire is the ultimate choice for creating backend applications that need to have a robust authentication system.  AngularFire is popular among the developer community because it offers excellent support, it also includes highly flexible APIs, and it comes pre-packed with three-way data binding. 

AngularFire has limited resources available as it is relatively new in the market, but be sure as time passes by, this limitation of AngularFire will surely fade away. AngularFire should be mainly used with Firebase in order to unlock exceptional performance and capabilities of itself.



 Webstorm is the only IDE you’ll ever need when working with AngularJS. Webstorm has been developed on the open-source IntelliJ Platform, making it highly powerful, just like all the other IDEs developed on this platform.


Webstorm has been specially developed for working with web technologies and especially JavaScript frameworks. It comes pre-packed with tools that make the process of tracing, debugging, and testing of code reasonably easy. Thus becoming an ideal choice for developers working with JavaScript. 



Jasmine is a development framework that is profoundly utilized for testing JavaScript code, driven by the behavior approach. Jasmine doesn’t rely upon any browser movement or JavaScript for its execution, thus making it a freely executing development and testing framework. 

Consequently, it works the best with Node.JS and AngularJS applications, sites, or at any project that javascript works. Around 200 Corporations, including Accenture, Walmart, Uniqlo, and Gitlab, depend on Jasmine, which conjectures the acceptability of the system.


Protractor is a modern testing tool for AngularJS applications. It helps in performing end-to-end tests in real-time environments. WebDriverJS is used to set up the protractor tool for testing purposes. 

The main benefit of using Protractor is that it can help you simulate tests just like any end-user would perform operations on an application. Protractor is widely used in testing AngularJS projects because it can perform tests in actual browsers too. This makes it simpler and easier to catch and fix bugs that can arise when users interact with the system. 



Karma is primarily focused on making the development process simpler and more manageable. In large projects, testing the project and its functionality regularly is highly crucial, and this is where Karma comes into the picture. 

Karma is extremely useful in performing unit tests, midway testing on products, as well as end-to-end testing. Due to this, Karma has been used by a large number of organizations like Accenture, Appian, Gitlab, and many more. Karma can also be used to simulate testing environments and test the product on different devices with the help of simulation.



NG-Inspector is a browser extension developed for Safari and Chrome web browsers. It is an excellent tool for anyone doing AngularJS development. 

NG-Inspector makes the process of inspecting, debugging, and understanding AngularJS code rendered on the web browser. It is a must-have tool when working on large and complex projects and even a better option when you just want to check how your application renders its elements on the browser.



Mocha is another incredible JavaScript testing structure that is famous for its detailed reporting and adaptability. With various inbuilt highlights joined in this instrument, it is a pleasant testing tool for its AngularJS engineers. It can run on Node.js and browser and assents asynchronous testing, which makes it flexible with planning and broadcasting.

Moreover, Mocha has one remarkable feature that makes it a leading choice for testing frameworks, which is the global leak detection capability. This feature can help you encounter and troubleshoot any memory leak that may occur during the execution of your AngularJS application.



Djangular depends on a programming theory named as DRY that represents Don’t Repeat Yourself. This instrument accompanies a few functionalities that permit the engineer to zero in on the essential development process. Many leading online business and social organizations are embracing this instrument in light of its vigorous CDNs. 

Djangular’s design guarantees adaptability, security, and rapid development. 

Djangular comprises a predefined system to perform activities, including a particular intelligent file structure, which can be benefitted from while using Djangular.

AngularJS is a great language developed and maintained by Google. So there is no doubt that it will continue to have better development tools in the future. But as of now, we have found some of the very best AngularJS development tools bound to be helpful in 2021. 


The next time you work on an AngularJS project, make sure you don’t forget to use these tools. They’ll surely be of great help to your developers as well as your business.


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