5 Reasons Why Developers Use JavaScript For Web Application

A web application or web app, as it also referred to, is an interactive computer program built using web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JS for storage using Databases and Files. HTML defines web content and basic structure. CSS controls the web page layout, and JavaScript (JS) controls the page’s dynamic behaviour.

The computer program also manipulates data through CRUD, which stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. This article focuses on JavaScript, a web-based language used in web application development, and why a Web Developer would prefer it over the other languages.

JavaScript is used in web application development, particularly for adding various dynamic functions to web pages. These functions, in turn, give the user a smoother and better browsing experience. In the recent past, over 10 million developers have used JavaScript to develop over 94% of websites in use.

The reasons why JavaScript is so popular with web application developers and programmers include:


#1. Cross-Browser Compatibility

JS is supported by many web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. This affords the users the liberty to access web applications on any web browser of their choice by just enabling the language if disabled. Regardless of the web server’s language, the viewers will always have a rich, fulfilling experience because JS works well with all those other languages.


#2. Availability Of Libraries And Frameworks

JS comes with frameworks and libraries that make it easy for web developers to build large JavaScript-based web applications. The dynamic JS frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, and EmberJS, to name a few, enable developers to build highly interactive and professional-looking web apps easily, efficiently, and quickly. You can also utilize JS libraries for other requirements, such as GUI development with widgets like Bootstrap, jQuery, or AngularJS.

It is essential for you as a developer to have basic knowledge of the various JS frameworks available. These frameworks can help you finish building JavaScript applications quickly. Active WordPress developers, however, have enough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

#3. Ease In Writing Code

When writing code using JavaScript, you don’t need any particular tool or program to do this. You just write your JS code on a notepad, and you can use several editors to pick out any mistakes in the code. Once the editor reformats the code, you can discover the bugs and errors quickly and easily.

JS is easy to learn, unlike other programming languages like Python; in fact, its syntax is a lot like English. Developers don’t have to spend weeks deciphering each snippet of code in website building. This means your website will be available to the public in no time. Developers can practice coding online to learn the JS language.


#4. Simplifies Complex Web Application Development

While JavaScript is an interpreted programming language, it is still able to simplify the development of complex web applications by enabling the developers to abridge the application’s composition. JS libraries are used to create DOM (Document Object Model) Boundaries, which then make web browsers deliver documents with widely used HTML tags like select, div, and input.

A DOM is not a programming language, but rather, it is universal and a technique of configuring a web page so that the rudiments are styled like objects with their own properties. JS uses DOM with minimal hassles for animations or transitions.


#5. Responsive Web Design

This web design makes the site accessible and functions well across multiple browsers. Web developers are able to optimize a site for both computers and mobile devices using the same code through responsive web design. Developers combine CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to make the web pages responsive and the JS to optimize web pages for mobile devices.

Website developers acknowledge that the time taken to load a page on a viewer’s browser needs to be as low as possible, ensuring a high user experience of the website. JS web language doesn’t need the server, but the animations use the viewer’s device processor to run themselves. The reduced strain on the webserver cuts down the page load time.


As you have seen from the above reasons, JavaScript helps developers build interactive web apps as well as enhancing the speed, performance, functionality, usability and application features without a problem. Web developers and programmers are using JavaScript more and more because it enables their applications to deliver the best and optimal experience over different devices, browsers and operating systems.

It is imperative that developers and programmers keep abreast with the various JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and tools available and combine them when using JS in accordance with the requirements of their particular projects. When you wish to practice coding online, ensure you enlist the help of a reliable site.

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