8 Awesome Software Testing Blogs You Should Definitely Follow

In the software development industry, we see updates regularly that may make your workflow more efficient and faster. Every software developer needs to test their technologies and to do that they need software testing tools and expertise.

Software testing is when a software developer uses the developed software from a consumer point of view and tests it to extremes and uses all functionalities. To keep up with this arena of software developing, you may find it useful to follow blogs that will keep you updated and give you tips.

Which blogs are the best to follow? Here are eight software testing blogs you should follow:

Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help is a great blog to get the latest tips and information related to software testing. This blog gives you online tutorials on how you can do this practically. The simplicity of their website navigation makes it easy to get what you need more quickly and the terminology used is quite easy to understand.

Software Testing Help places a strong emphasis on topics about Quality Assurance and Software Testing. The following of this blog has grown very much and undoubtedly because of the content posted on it. What sweetens the deal about Software Testing Help is that it posts career packages and freelance software testing jobs.

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EuroSTAR Huddle

EuroSTAR Huddle is a great software blog to learn about software testing and spark new ideas. With the new look, you can easily navigate through it and explore all that there is to offer. EuroSTAR Huddle’s community of bloggers post regularly and they welcome guest bloggers.

There is great content for grassroots beginners that wish to learn more about software testing from industry leaders. EuroSTAR has a large community of contributors – all industry specialists, which makes the information posted on their site so relevant.

You don’t have to pay a cent to benefit from the content they post which spans across a wide range of topics including Test Automation, Agile Testing, DevOps, AI and more. The resources are accessible through eBooks, webinars, podcasts, articles, etc.

The EuroSTAR Team also host an annual software testing conference. It’s been going 27 years and is the largest testing conference in Europe!


DevelopSense by Michael Bolton

No information can be as valuable as insightful comments from an experienced person who is an industry leader in his respective industry. DevelopSense gives you that unique opportunity to get insight from his blog posts.

Although Michael Bolton does not post regularly like most bloggers, when he does drop a post, it is really valuable information. He generally posts once a month, so this makes it easy for you to catch up on all the months you have missed out on.

Michael has taught software testing for over a decade, which makes him highly experienced and knowledgeable in this industry. He has worked with James Bach from 2003 teaching the Rapid Software Testing course.

Above that, you can find some valuable notes written by him of the Better Software Magazine as he has been engaged in writing for them since 2005. All these accomplishments make him a trusted and very experienced Software Testing blogger.


QASymphony is also a great online blog to get regular tips and news about the software testing industry. More regular posts that include best practices, tricks, and product updates are the main feature of the blog and may help beginner software testers get on their feet.

The nuggets of wisdom shared on this blog also helps out more advanced software testers because the content they post caters for all.

Their team puts up diverse content that can be practically used in your workspace or to practice to grasp the concepts more easily. The QASymphony has high volumes of blog posts, as they post more than three blogs every week.

They also feature well-known industry leaders on their blog that share their expertise by offering tips and tricks of the software testing industry. The consistency of their blog posts makes the QASymphony a great blog to follow and keep up with.

Software Testing Magazine

Software Testing Magazine is also a blog that offers practical tips and “know-how” on how to do software testing. The blog has posts that relate to almost all types of software currently being developed and used.

Tips shared have great practical value to software testing professionals and even software testers that work in their own capacity. They offer content for all types of testing and Quality Assurance purposes, including agile testing, test-driven development, continuous testing and testing in production, etc.

If you need information on anything related to any software testing, you can sift through their blog and you will most certainly find what you are looking for.


Cigniti made it on the Fortune 500 companies index and made it through the ranks to number 49. With more than ten years of experience in the IT & Software industry, you can be assured that the information provided has much significance.

Cigniti’s blog shares all quality assurance and software testing tips, from testing simple apps to testing high-end artificial intelligence software that works on IoT products.

You can learn new stuff on this blog or receive reminders of what you already know easily with their user-friendly interface. It has a large fan base of more than 30,000 readers that follow Cigniti’s blog and you can subscribe to their newsletter. Using this feature, you can get new blog updates sent directly to your email, making it easier for you to stay on top of getting the latest news.

Quality Remarks

Quality Remarks is an online blog that adds value to many software testers and quality assurance professionals that was developed by an industry leader. The developer, Keith Klain, acknowledges that he has a problem-solving attitude and claims that he has 20 years’ experience in this field.

The blog has some interesting historical blog posts that may tickle your fantasy about the world of software testing and quality assurance. The blogger is not a frequent poster, but the content he does post is expressed in an easy-to-understand manner.

Another great feature about the blog is that it has podcasts you can listen to when you are on the go on any mobile device.

The blog posts shared not only include technical information but other useful tips on how to be an efficient software tester.


QA Journal Testfort is also not a regularly posting blog, but, when they do post, they make it worth your while. They usually post once after every quarter of a year and post pretty interesting blogs that you will enjoy. The blog is owned and managed by Testfort QA Lab, which is a rapidly growing company that specialises in software testing.

They offer services such as automated testing, manual software testing and much more. Their innovative solutions are what make them stand out and show great growth prospects for the near future. You can sign up for their blog updates, so you can know when they have added new content so you can keep up with this blog.


The software testing industry is unique and new developments make it a challenge to follow without help. Because of this, use the free resources available to you wisely, like these blogs that you can follow to keep up to date with what is happening in the industry. A lot of updates and adjustments may be required along the way and you should embrace the change. However, it all starts with you getting accurate information at the right time.

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