7 Challenges of Mobile App Testing

App testing or mobile application quality assessment is a process in which an app analyst checks for errors, bugs, and possibilities of the scope of improvement in an application. This practice has widely been approached for successful app deployment. But the task is not as easy as it seems to be. There are various challenges faced by an analyst which are mentioned in this article.

App Testing Challenge #1: Usability and User Experience

Think you are using an application. At some point you are facing difficulty in scrolling or tapping on an image for zoom view or pressing a back button two or three times – all these are experiences that are bad because you are getting confused and developing a bitter taste for application usability. And you conclude in your mind that the app experience is bad.

Therefore, a stellar user experience is a must-have for any application irrespective of platform. And this is the biggest challenge for app QA engineers to deal with.


App Testing Challenge #2: Operating System

When using an application, we would love the interface, animation, and memory performance that is being controlled by the operating system. Therefore, we say the operating system of these devices is powerful and fluent. But, do you imagine how hard and painful a job is for developers as well as QA engineers to make it efficient and error-free? Besides, delivering the parallel OS experience for multiple OS versions of the specific platform is a marvel challenge accomplished by them.

App Testing Challenge #3: Screen Sizes

People use the unlike and varying screen size devices and gadgets to search for information on the internet. And with an increase in the adaptability of a particular screen size, the job to make an application or software support effectively becomes very important for developers and the QA team to achieve.

Moreover, 90% of your app users through a variety of 5-6 phones. This makes the job of top IT companies readily focus on this challenging job done at par.

App Testing Challenge #4: Performance as per Battery Life

This is not a major challenge but it’s a challenge. How many of you experience the performance of your application going down when your battery life powers down. Many developers and QA design the application in a way to support the robust performance as per battery life.


App Testing Challenge #5: Security

App security is essential to prevent data streak or stealing. Bringing advanced technology into application development, QA engineers can ensure data as well as app security to top-notch. Alternatively, QA testers can rigid their app testing process to ensure app security objective accomplishment.


It is important to make an app error-free in the first phase of the operation to avoid multiple checking while giving more time to it. App testing is something that can not be achieved with any method or illustrated tasks, it is achieved when you have good technologies. However, now most companies are using advanced technologies and agile methodology for mobile app design to overcome and reduce these challenges as much as possible.


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