4 Popular Enterprise Software Trends You Need To Know About

Summary: Enterprise software trends change quickly and you need to be proactive just to stay in touch with state of the art solutions in this field. There are tons of innovations to keep an eye on, but it seems like machine learning, Internet of Things, the blockchain, and mobile apps are going to dominate in 2019. Make sure to check out these solutions more thoroughly and use them to make your organization better and more profitable.

Businesses of all sorts have been going through major changes in the last few years. As information technologies keep improving, organizations are beginning to realize that they need reliable enterprise software to upgrade management and keep pace with their competitors.

It’s a matter of modernization, so each company has to improve customer service management, compliance solutions, and sales offers in order to drive fresh conversions. This is exactly why IT spending is about to peak:

  • Over 70% of businesses plan to increase spending on technology in 2019.
  • By 2023, 75% of all IT spending will be on 3rd platform technologies with over 90% of all enterprises building digitally native environments.
  • Worldwide IT spending on enterprise software totals more than $326 billion per year.

It’s a neverending revolution that forces businesses to stay up to date with the latest developments and embrace new solutions to improve their services. In this article, we will show you four popular enterprise software trends you need to know about in 2019.


1.      Machine Learning

IT experts at BrillAssignment define machine learning as the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables a system to learn automatically and avoid explicit programming. As such, machine learning drastically improves enterprise software because it analyses large datasets quickly and independently.

What seems to be the biggest benefit here? Well, a machine learning system is familiar both with employees and individual customers. This makes the system capable of filtering information and providing sales reps with relevant data only. As a result, employees eliminate time waste and become much more productive.

Jake Simmons, a software developer at a-writer.com, adds that machine learning evaluates each employee separately by analysing common action and frequently performed tasks: “Doing so, the system can step in to help members of the team, making sure to eliminate possible errors. At the same time, machine learning is sending push notifications to remind employees of the coming tasks. The entire process is well-polished and designed so as to maximize the efficiency of the modern business.”



2.      Internet of Things

Making 100% data-driven decisions is a dream come true for every manager. With the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses are getting closer to this objective. Namely, IoT represents a bridge that connects corporate and customer information, thus enabling sales agents to make relevant predictions and bring the right decisions.

Content creators at the college paper agency describe IoT as the medium that brings together the physical world with its digital counterpart. This couldn’t be any more true since the whole concept revolves around personalization. The ultimate goal is to provide each customer with a unique experience based on the history of interactions with your company.

For instance, you can design personalized promotions in specific outlets to reach out to customers with tailored offers. The best thing about this system is that it allows you to track results and measure the efficiency of each campaign. That way, you can keep improving until you reach the highest level of productivity.


3.      Blockchain

If you look at cryptocurrencies, last year was not so great for blockchain. However, this doesn’t mean the technology is stagnating. On the contrary, blockchain is one of the most promising technologies that could revolutionize the way we do business in 2019.


The blockchain is particularly important in the field of cybersecurity, which is great for organizations handling gigantic databases of sensitive and classified information. Cybersecurity analysts explain the basic benefits of the new technology:


  • Information is not stored on a single server, but rather on a network of computers. This makes data almost impossible to access.
  • Blockchain data are immutable once the transaction is completed.
  • Every piece of information is traceable because you get to see every link in the transaction chain.

Such advantages make the blockchain technology extremely attractive, but this is not where the story ends. Blockchain reduces operational costs since it doesn’t include third-party providers, while you can also perform all actions faster because the system eliminates administrative work from the process.


4.      Mobile Apps

With more than three billion smartphone users worldwide, designing your own mobile app is mandatory. It’s not exactly the latest trend in the business world, but it keeps evolving and adding new features year over year.

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the major solutions in this field because it adds new layers of knowledge to the existing products. The best example of this trend is the IKEA Place mobile app that uses AR to improve customer experience.

Mark Jansen, a blogger at essayontime.com who wrote about IKEA Place, said this product let shoppers see how a specific product would look like in their homes: “The app allows you to test different products and choose furniture that perfectly matches the interior design of your home. Without AR-based mobile apps, this level of convenience would not be possible.”



Running a profitable business is almost impossible without a fair share of investments in digital technologies. Companies realise this fact, so they tend to follow state of the art developments in the field of IT, customer relationships, and Artificial Intelligence. This post presents some of the most popular enterprise software trends you need to know about this year. One other area worth investigating and considering would be a Customer Relationship Management software product. Trends will reshape the business universe as we know it, so you better prepare on time and embrace solutions that can lift your organisation to the next level.


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