How MS Dynamics 365 Integration Assists In Finance + Operations

When an enterprise moves beyond traditional HR management tools and integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent; it opens more opportunities for the organisation’s staff to create better secured, intelligent, and connected management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers enterprise application solutions related to talent, finance, operations, sales, customer service, retail, artificial intelligence, and more. All these enterprise applications are intended, in a way, to bring greater profit margins to the organisation with greater efficiency.

In this post, we will discuss how integrated MS Dynamics applications serve their purpose for hiring top talent and accelerate business growth with talent, finance and operations.

Fig –Showing MS dynamics 365 Talent features


MS dynamics 365 For Talent

Dynamics 365 for Talent employs the Office 365 and LinkedIn to attract, onboard, hire, and retain top talented people. When an organisation integrates Dynamics 365 for Talent in its HR architecture, it unleashes the MS Cloud power by creating an extremely secure, intelligent, and interlinked organisation. The seamless integration of MS Dynamics 365 with Talent allows the company to overcome the barriers that prevent them from hiring top talent and achieving success.

Talent application in MS Dynamics 365 transforms the recruiting process and track down the applicants and onboard hired talent by connecting it to the company HR or IT, people to insightful data. It initiates business growth with right set of talented people in the company.




Shortlist the Right Candidates

It attracts right people and hires them faster. In the fierce competition, where top talents get hired at faster rate, MS Dynamics 365 and Talent integration system takes control of the hiring process. It attracts and uses LinkedIn to search, engage, shortlist, and hire the top talent.

Set up employees

Dynamics 365 for Talent welcomes the new hires and make them feel connected and successful. Companies may use MS Dynamics 365 for Talent to quickly ramp up the new staff employees and accelerate time to impact.

  • By using onboarding templates, the company is able to create step-by-step checklists to ensure admin tasks are completed on time.
  • The system also ensures new employees to stay focused on their priorities with defined responsibilities, roles, and objectives.
  • The integration offers a centralised location for training resources, organisation charts, company details, and tips to navigate other departments.
  • Integration helps establish important connections by ensuring new hired members make the right cross-functional connections using accessible and contact details. It assists in relocation with transportation options, campus maps, and local attraction guides.
  • It enhances cross-functional relationships. Cross-functional teams can contribute their task resources and add more tasks in the onboarding guides which ensure them about adjustment to their new role.
  • It ensures talent success by providing opportunities for feedback related to enhancing onboarding experience and driving mobile business results.
  • It transforms talent acquisition by connecting managers, recruiters, and interviewers to attract top talent.
  • It enlists the help of LinkedIn to find the right people for organisation. LinkedIn RSC (Recruiter System Connect) enables the organisation to access real-time candidate information throughout LinkedIn Recruiter and Attract. This saves more time of the hiring managers and recruiters, which is later used more effectively in managing candidates.
  • It builds high-performing team for companies by quickly screening and short listing candidates with skill, personality, and experience.
  • It simplifies interviews by streamlining the interview cycle and enhances the hiring time. Office 365 integration enables automatic interview scheduling feature. The Skype integration enables the company to interview candidates throughout the globe online.
  • It empowers employees and managers by increasing retention with career paths, fostering self-service and collaboration, and elevating feedback and performance.
  • Integration of MS Dynamics 365 for Talent drives HR excellence by streamlining processes, making sound decisions according to analytics report, and personalizing the interface.
  • It strengthens the core HR programmes by redefining benefits admin, enhancing compensation management, and making simple leave and absence reports.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations

Integration of MS Dynamics 365 suite for finance and operations helps elevate the financial performance of the company. Things that initiates financial performance are-

  1. Enhance profitability
  2. Optimize workforce productivity
  3. Lower operational expense
  4. Rapid adaption of requirement changes
  5. Streamlining assent management

By using dynamics 365 for finance and operations implementation, an organisation is enabled to run smarter with connected operations. The application select perfect fit manufacturing processes, improves operational procedures, simplifies resource management, faster product delivery, and increase quality and customer satisfaction.

It even helps make supply chain better with its automation power. The integrated system modernizes business logistics and provides timely customer response. It brings predictive insights and streamlines procurement.

A company can benefit and earn more profits with integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications for Talent and finance and operations. The seamless integration between MS dynamics for finance and operations and Talent helps business growth and success.

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