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10 software Testing Tools to Watch out in 2019

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Testing is a critical part of the software development life cycle be it for the startups or enterprise level companies. Rapid development at a complex level demands thorough testing of the end product. As technology is evolving, the type of projects and demand for the feature set in the project are becoming challenging. Hence new tools and techniques are available to tackle new problems. Here is the list of tools from various categories like- automated testing, load testing, cross-browser testing, security testing, and API testing.



1. Mabl

Mabl uses machine intelligence to automate front-end testing so that one can focus on code. It is helping to advance the QA process using Machine learning. It has features like easy test automation, auto-healing tests, regression testing, and visual Anomaly detection. It optimizes the testing process and can be easily integrated with other popular tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, Slack, Jira, Bitbucket and TeamCity.


2. Functionize

Functionize helps to test fast and release faster with AI enabled cloud testing. It also incorporates machine learning technologies to automate the painstaking software testing process. It consists of the feature set like autonomous test creation and AI diagnosis while eliminating traditional test scripts & test maintenance. It provides seamless integration with Jira, Heroku, Jenkins, and AWS code pipeline.

testim - huddle software testing


3. is a sub-organization of Heavybit. It uses artificial intelligence to speed-up the authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated tests. It is known for super Fast authoring and machine learning based self-maintenance. It also provides seamless integration with all CI/CD tools and collaborations. It uses technology products and services including Google Analytics, WordPress and G Suite.


4. qTest


qTest is a test management tool by QASymphony (leading agile software company). qTest helps enterprises create better software by improving speed, efficiency, collaboration and analysis during the testing process. qTest Manager transforms the test case management process, helping enterprise teams get faster and more efficient. Integrating with a qTest platform with Jira, Rally or VersionOne, one can get a complete solution that lets the user manage requirements, defects and more across multiple systems simultaneously.




5. Browsera

Browsera is a cross-browser testing tool. It basically tests and reports the cross-browser layout differences and scripting errors on your site. Features like spotting out javaScript errors from each browser & reporting after test, dynamic page testing. Since everything runs from a server cluster, there’s no need any installations.


6. Selenium

Selenium is a free (open source) automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms. It is primarily for functional testing & regression testing, but not just limited to that. Selenium API works with Java, C#, Ruby, and Python. It is one of the oldest and trusted testing tool in IT industries.



7. Appium

Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It drives iOS, Android, and Windows apps using the WebDriver protocol. It is built on the idea that testing native apps shouldn’t require including an SDK or recompiling the app. And that one should be able to use preferred test practices, frameworks, and tools.



8. SoapUI

SoapUI is an open-source web service testing application for service-oriented architectures (SOA) and representational state transfers (REST). It is the leading open source cross-platform API Testing tool. With Point and Click Testing, one can drag and drop instead of manually writing the code. The Form Editor creates a form from the request, further eliminating the need for you to spend time on repetitive coding.


9. NetSparker

NetSparker is a security testing tool which automatically scans websites, web applications and web services for vulnerabilities. It is the only scanner that automatically identified and verifies vulnerabilities with a proof of concept. This security testing tool easily Integrate Web Security Scanning In SDLC and it supports Enterprise Level Collaboration.


10. WebLOAD

By RadView Software, WebLOAD is a load testing tool and performance testing tool. WebLOAD combines performance, scalability, and integrity as a single process for the verification of web and mobile applications. WebLOAD supports a wide range of web, mobile, and enterprise protocols and technologies. For example, HTTP/HTTPS, WebSocket, PUSH, AJAX, SOAP, HTML5, WebDAV and many others. Companies that rely on WebLOAD are NASA, GoDaddy, Sony and many more.


I have tried to choose the testing tools from multiple genres of testing based on factors like user reviews, features, and integration capabilities with the latest technological stack. The goal is to deliver the bug-free code to deliver end-product without any pitfalls. Let us know what testing tool you are looking for in comments.

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