10 Ways to Build a Secure Mobile App Development

In this digital era, almost everyone has a mobile. People do a lot of things on the mobile phone like using the internet, playing games, using social media, and many more such things. For almost every activity, an app is required in the mobile phone. Apps have become extremely popular due to their ease of use and the useful functions provided by them. Businesses are also developing apps with the help of App Development Company to grow their sales and business through the app.

The popularity of mobile apps has increased rapidly. They have become a part of the day-to-day life of people. Whether it is ticket booking, ordering groceries, doing recharge, or even sending money, apps are of great use and have become a necessity to an extent. The apps are also easy to use, so using these apps is very convenient.

With the rise of the popularity of mobile apps, they have also become targets for potential attacks. There are many apps that have access to our sensitive data, like financial transactions, personal information, pictures, etc.

Thankfully, there are ways that can help to build a secure mobile app development and, in this post, we are going to tell you about those ways.

Develop a secure mobile app?

How do you develop a secure mobile app? Let’s investigates with some of the parameters that you have to consider.

Develop the app with the attacking mindset

Developing the app with the attacking mindset means you don’t leave any single error in the app. You should ask the questions to yourself that whether the app can be exploited? Whether it can be hacked, etc. Make sure to solve the smallest issue in the app. Because, sometimes, even a minor error can be vulnerable to threats by hackers.

Conduct code reviews to assist thwart any potential attacks. Make sure your mobile app’s faults are addressed as well.


Perform more tests

Testing a mobile app is very crucial to secure it from expected threats. When you test the mobile app a greater number of times, then all the potential threats can be detected and solved. Thus, you must try to perform more tests to ensure the strong security of the app.

Collaborate with the security team

You cannot expect to develop an app with a one-time process. It takes a lot of planning, research, and a lot of brainstorming. When you are developing an app, you must take the security experts in concern, to take their advice on the security of the app. In fact, the security team should be part of the development process from the beginning. Take their opinion whenever required. You can also take help from mobile app development company USA.

SSL certificate

SSL certificates are essential for your app’s security. The apps or websites that do not have SSL certificates are open to security threats. Also, penalties are imposed on websites that do not have SSL certificates.

If you do not possess an SSL certificate then hackers can penetrate your app, intercept your traffic, and perform a bogus login, causing your users to be redirected. Also, it has been proved in a study that apps that do not have SSL certificates have confronted numerous internet-based attacks. So, you must guarantee that the mobile application implements SSL certificates to establish a secure channel between the user and server.

Review your API

API i.e. Application Programming Interface is a critical piece of backend programming interface that can be a major security danger that can give inconvenience to you so assuming you need to guarantee the security of the application then you should audit your programming interface and guarantee it is confirmed by the stage that you are utilizing for the application.


Include user authentication

Each application needs to make a secret password to get to that application. However, if clients cannot remember the secret password or make a feeble secret password, then it turns out to be effective for hackers to break the logins. To solve this problem, you need to implement 2FA i.e. Two Factor Authentication in the mobile app. You can even use fingerprint scan, or face recognition.

Encrypt the data required by the device

If your app collects confidential information, then make sure to secure that data. This can be done by encrypting the data. This is a crucial step to secure the data of your users. You can also hire Mobile App Development Service.

Keep an eye on third-party security flaws

When you incorporate codes from 3rd parties, either free or paid, then you must remember that these codes are not always safe. Many developers try developing the app without using third party code. You must also do the same and when it is of utmost importance to use third-party codes, then you must do all the research about it.

Minimise permissions

Try not to give your application such a large number of authorizations however much as could be expected for e.g. in the event that your application doesn’t require the consent of the contacts, don’t request it from the clients the more the consents asked by your application the more will be security danger.

Craft a secure code

Most of the hackers are looking for flaws in your code. Always keep your codes secure while keeping them powerful enough to crack. You can assure that it cannot be reverse-engineered by making it incoherent. Make an effort to create code that can be readily modified.


In conclusion, security is one of the most important parts of the app. You can use the above ways to develop a secure application. And, if your app involves financial transactions, then you must be more careful. If you want to develop a secure mobile app then you should investigate hiring a decent Mobile App Development Company.


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