Why Manual Testing Is Still Relevant In Automated World

The world is getting automated every day as technology advances day by day and offers many new variations. The reliance on the IT sector is increasing as more digital solutions are incorporated in various sectors. Testing is one of the important parameters in the IT sectors, and in recent times it has been shifted to automated to cope up with the huge demand. However manual testing still has a place in software testing. 

If someone says that automated testing is the future and reliable we will know that replicating human attributes is never possible. Manual testing is still used and will be used because of its reliability and trust factor. Also, eliminating humans completely from the context of testing is not an ideal way either and hence, manual testing is still relevant despite being the world following automated footprints.  Automated testing will work if, in the future, the technology advances and can complement manual testing intelligence. RPA, AI and ML are the key technologies that are working on replicating the complementary manual testing but still haven’t been able to complement the manual testing standards.  Still, people have doubts about why the manual method should be taken into consideration when they have the liberty of automated testing. Here I explore some reasons why I think manual testing is still relevant. 

Humans Understand The Humans Better

Customers complain about certain aspects not working appropriately, and that is where the manual method becomes essential. Humans understand the human mindset much better than any robot. Humans know how people will react to certain situations, which will be lacking in automated testing. Hence, the human brain is more than helpful in creating appropriate solutions with qualified tests.

Automatic Will Lack Aesthetic Evaluation

Cosmetic things like fonts, size, graphics, contrast, etc., cannot be determined by algorithms. Automated testing cannot evaluate the aesthetic part of the testing. Hence, it is one of the concerns that automated testing is not relevant, increasing the importance of manual. Humans can better understand the client’s requirements and evaluate the aesthetic aspects, which is also very important for customer satisfaction. 

No Random Testing With Automation

One of the significant advantages of manual testing is the random tests that help in offering better solutions to customers. Eventually, customers won’t care about the technology, and they will only care about functionality. Testers can directly test the functionality rather than focusing on how it was created and prepared, which is the strong advantage it offers. 

Easy Implementations

When it comes to testing, there can be various minor changes. The Manual method can be easily handled, whereas, in automated testing, minor changes are not done easily. Automated testing will be very time inefficient when the test is running, and you make any changes. While with the manual approach, minor changes can be done on the spot and well-implemented, which will be efficient and effective. 

No Technical Knowledge Required For Manual Testers

When it comes to manual testers, technical programming skills aren’t much required and in fact, analytical and detective skills are required for detecting the problems. Hence, the one-dimensional approach of manual testers has been very beneficial as the quality of testing has been significant. Whereas in automated testing sounding technical and programming language is required, the multidimensional candidate will be required. 

Manual Testing Is Cost-Effective

One of the most important reasons that matter the most is the cost-efficiency of manual. Obviously, when you introduce automated testing and its setup, it may cost higher, which may not be affordable for all. 

The companies dealing with larger projects and have higher revenues generated can still bear to make expenses on such equipment. Otherwise, manual testing is relevant and very much affordable. Also, there are mistakes in test automation as well, and it is not 100% accurate. 

Manual still exists, and there is no urgency in automated testing for the companies because manual methods are ultimately secured. Also, people demand for scalable and powerful solutions because of customer service which is a very important criteria to run a business in modern-times. In fact, according to Elluminatiinc.com, investing in a robust and scalable platform improves customer service by 50% and hence, manual testing is preferable. 

Final Thoughts

There are various factors that suggest you prefer manual over automatic testing, and ultimately it is your requirement, and you need to choose the best suitable methods. Automated testing will advance more in the near future, and currently, manual testing can hold back, and people can rely on it. 


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