What’s happening on your black market for common sense?

The organizations we work for are not always supporting us as they best should. As testers, we are well aware of this

While getting the best fit for purpose might be hard, you often hear stories about organizational contexts that are perceived as being more against you, than supporting you in what you really need to do.

To some, their organization may even seem to make no sense at all …

Interestingly, in systems that do not make sense, you often find a black market for common sense.

If you cannot do things with the system, you need to do them against the system.

Once you start looking for it, you will soon notice that every organization has at least one such market, where things happen against the established organization.

It can be many things, like ‘knowing a guy in the other department’, splitting purchases in smaller chunks to work approval limits, etc, etc

Anything from ‘just’ being smart, to ‘bending the rules’ to more serious violations of policies or expected behavior.

What kind of black markets do you have in your place? What happens there?

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Morten Elvang

Morten Elvang

Morten is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He blogs at 42stc.com on Agile and other topics. You can follow Morten on Twitter at @mortenelvang.

About the Author

Morten Elvang

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