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Hybrid mobile applications have been trending for quite some time due to some unmatched benefits. Why is it called hybrid apps? The reason is it is a blended solution of both native and web applications. The core of the application is written by developers using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then encapsulated within a native app.  You can use plugins to get full access to the mobile’s features such as camera, gallery and microphone. The main difference between native apps and hybrid apps is that hybrid apps will not be seen in the user’s browser. It is run from within a native app and its embedded browser. For developers, working with hybrid mobile app frameworks is a blessing. It makes their lives easier. They need to write code once, and they can build mobile applications which will run on the Android or iOS platforms. The code can also be used again and again to make progressive web applications and desktop applications. All you need to do is hire an iOS or Android app development company that offers hybrid app development services.

What are the best hybrid app frameworks that make app development easy and effortless? Let’s discuss eight useful frameworks that are the best ones. 



React Native 

React Native is one of the most popular hybrid app frameworks that has carved a niche for itself. Here, you can build hybrid mobile apps using JavaScript only. You can create a rich mobile UI from declarative components. 

Here, with React Native, you are not just making a mobile web app or a hybrid app; you are making a real mobile app that cannot be separated from a native app built using Objective-C or Java. 

Hire an iOS or Android app development company to build hybrid apps using React Native, and they will build robust, secure and powerful hybrid apps. 

Ionic Framework

Being an open-source SDK for hybrid app development, the Ionic framework has multiple tools and services that help developers to build hybrid apps using web technologies such as CSS, HTML5 and Sass. 

First, the app will be developed by developers using this web technology and then distributed through native app stores. You can install them with Cordova on your devices. It is a 100% free and licensed framework with a giant worldwide community. 

You can create, build, test and deploy your hybrid app using their CLI. Also, the framework offers the Ionicons icon pack that has hundreds of the most common app icons. 



NativeScript was built by Progress, and it has set a benchmark since its inception. You can develop NativeScript apps with JavaScript or any other languages that are transpiled to JavaScript, such as TypeScript. 

This framework is integrated with modern Angular versions for router support, code generation and many more. You can also find its integration with Vue via a community-developed plugin. You can use Vui features such as Vue CLI, Vuex and others. 

One of the most significant advantages of using the NativeScript framework is that the apps look similar to native apps with the platform-native UI without WebViews. 

Also, developers don’t need wrappers to re-purpose third-party libraries in your mobile application. 



Developed by Vue.js, The Quasar framework allows developers to write code once and then deploy it as a website, mobile app and desktop application using a single code base. 

Some of the best features of the Quasar framework is its state-of-the-art UI, HTML/CSS minification, cache busting, tree shaking, sourcemapping, code-splitting, lazy loading, ES6 transpiling, and linting code.

Experts believe that this is the most performance-focused framework.


Kendo UI 

It has the best and extensive collection of UI components to create hybrid apps with superlative User interfaces. It also has libraries for jQuery, Angular, React and Vue. 

Also, the framework is available with many ready-to-use widgets for jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue. Whether 

One of the key features of the Kendo UI framework is that you can get superior support from the community. Also, all the components have been tested thoroughly. 



The framework is a free and open-source mobile HTML framework. You can quickly develop hybrid mobile apps, web applications and progressive web applications that look and feel like native apps. 

Furthermore, you can also pair this framework with tools such as Electron and NW.js to build native desktop applications. 

Some of the key features that Framework7 has to offer to developers are native scrolling, library-agnostic, multiple views support, pages transition animation, hardware-accelerated animations via CSS3, browser history, preloading, and caching. 



It is not a typical framework but a collection of modern JavaScript modules that can be used to build native-like hybrid mobile, browser and desktop applications. You can use Aurelia modules in any JavaScript or NodeJS project as of now. 

If you want to use vanilla JavaScript or TypeScript, Aurelia is made for you. It is a perfect framework for you. They allow you to build components with plain, vanilla JavaScript or TypeScript. It focuses on clean but powerful code. Also, you can integrate with any framework or library due to its strict web standards.

Some of the critical features of this framework are metadata, dependency injection, binding, templating and routing.  

It is a 100% free, open-source and licensed framework that can be used for iOS or Android app development.


Onsen UI 

The framework was released in 2013 and has been a popular framework since then. It is a licensed framework under the Apache v2 license. Being a framework-agnostic UI, you can switch among the frameworks such as AngularJS, Angular, React and Vue.js. 

It also has an extensive collection of ready-to-use, responsive and superior components. 



Hybrid apps are similar to native apps and offer all the features and feel of a native app. Hybrid app development is cost-effective, time-effective and requires lesser efforts from developers. Do consider when you are looking for help with iOS or Android app development, you do need to hire the right agency offering hybrid app development services. In addition to that, you can also customise your app as per your business needs.


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