The very best of AI content!

Do you want to adopt AI to your business or even within your team. AI can be used to help automate and reduce the amount of mundane and tedious tasks in development and testing.

To help you get that step ahead this year, we have put together the very best AI content that Huddle has to offer!

  1. Will a Bot Steal Your Spot in Software Testing?

Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk all have one thing in common (besides wealth): they’re all terrified of the so-called AI apocalypse, a hypothetical scenario where intelligent machines become our overlords and exterminate mankind. With this eBook by Ingo Philipp, learn how to interpret the hype around AI and learn how it impacts software testing.

2. Testing AI: A Tour

We couldnt do a round up of AI content on Huddle without mentioning Jason Arbon. During this webinar Jason shares stories from experiences testing AI-based systems, testing AI-based testing systems (yeah, that’s a thing), get a glimpse into the near future where AI is testing AI, and finally, how might we test to make sure all this AI is ‘human-compatible’, when it is finally smarter than all of us. Join Jason for a quick, fun, and memorable tour through the world of Testing AI.

3. As the World Turns; A Predictive Test Approach with Machine Learning

This eBook is a gentle introduction to Machine Learning. As the world turns, IT world has rushed to adopt agile, DevOps and newer ways to release new features to production as soon as possible. With changes becoming the norm of the day, the role of testers and the way we do testing has also changed significantly over the years. Download this eBook to learn how we can assure the quality of intelligent machines.

4. How AI is changing the Enterprise Testing World

One of the biggest problems with UI based test automation is “Maintenance”. A lot of effort is spent on maintaining the tests than writing actual tests.  A recent study suggested that about 30% of testers time is spent on maintenance. This leads to wastage of valuable time and effort by teams and this time would be better spent on exploring the actual application. Listen back to this webinar to learn the basics of AI and the future in which it is heading.

5. Practical Machine Learning for Testers

It seems that every time artificial intelligence is brought up it is in some theoretical terms that most people don’t understand, or it is about some future apocalypse. Is there anything we can do with it now? Yes!

In this webinar Kevin will walk you through some practical methods of machine learning that you can start using today in your own testing.

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