The Fantastic Webinar Series

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Roll up, Roll up….

Join us in September for a fantastic webinar series filled with testing expertise that will amaze you!

We will be joined by a number of experts in the fields of Security Testing, Test Automation, Functional Testing, Scrum and Testing Responsibility.

From the 18th – 22nd September we promise you a whole host of testing webinars and special eBooks that will enlighten and amaze you. Find out more details and join for what will be an awesome week of learning.

Our 2 eBooks are here! Download Now!

Jerry Weinberg, Observing and Reasoning About Errors ¦ Why Software Gets in Trouble

Gáspár Nagy & Seb Rose, Structured Conversation ¦ BDD Discovery

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Should Developers Be Responsible for Testing?

with Janna Loeffler (Walt Disney Imagineering, U.S.A)

Friday 22nd September at 14:00 (BST)

Janna asks the question about the responsibility of testers and where does it fall. With more & more companies pushing test automation, developers are being asked to write automated test and test their own code. Should developers be responsible for testing? Join Janna as she talks about the history of software testing, software testing today and whether or not developers should be responsible for testing.


Kevin Pyles

Why You Shouldn’t Automate…But You Will Anyway

with Kevin Pyles (Domo, U.S.A)

Everywhere you look you are told to automate, but what if that isn’t the best answer to the testing problem? In this webinar learn why you should be saying no to automation and yes to manual testing.


Leveraging Visual Testing with your Functional Tests

with Peter Kim (Concur Technologies, U.S.A)

Designing and implementing (or selecting) the right automation strategy, for functional testing, with visual testing, can help your project with greater test coverage while improving test scalability. Equally important, your functional tests, while representing your customers behaviors and validating those application features/workflows can now reliably cover visual validations! Thanks to the power and simplicity of visual automation solutions that are now available, we will discuss and demonstrate how important and necessary it is to include visual testing in your functional automation strategy.


Ken Munro

Application Security Flaws in the Internet of Things

with Ken Munro (Pen Test Partners, UK)

In this webinar Ken will explore and examine the reasons for the common sources of IoT security flaws  that lie within the apps that are used to manage  hardware security issues. Ken will also explain and offer advice that applies equally to IoT device manufacturers, app developers and anyone else in the IoT supply chain.


Carsten Feilberg

Being a Tester in Scrum

with Carsten Feilberg (House of Test, Denmark)

In this webinar Carsten will explore the role of the tester in a Scrum team. He will examine where the tester play an important role in Scrum and how you can contribute to a teams performance.


We’re All off to the Circus!

This November 6-9th, EuroSTAR will be bringing the Extravaganza to Copenhagen! Come One! Come All! Click Here to see the Spectacular Events Happening.